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Skills to Develop in COVID-19 Lockdown

Welcome to another inspirational and informative session on my blog today. It’s no longer news that the whole world is under lockdown. Many workers have been constraint to work at home, sleep at home, eat at home and sometimes die at home. I am aware that this period could be terribly boring and lonely for a lot of you. However, I want to encourage you to turn this COVID 19 isolation period to an unforgettable learning experience that will set your career path on undeniable success. Don’t let this global experience break you. See it as an advantage to do what you have always dream for. Develop that skills. Give that inward passion the needed training to soar high and introduce you to high places and to men of nobility. Skills to develop in Covid-19 lockdown.

In the midst of this isolation period, you can discover yourself, develop new skills and realize great potentials that can make the period worthwhile and lucrative and most importantly giving you a sense a self-discovery and development, fulfilment and attainment. Here are three important and basic skills you can develop while in this isolation period:

1.       Technical Skills

2.       Social Skills

3.       Business Skills

Technical Skills: These are certain choices Which are acquired in order to perform or carry out physical, technical or digital tasks. Skills to develop in Covid-19 lockdown. Some examples of these skills include: Programming language Skills, Software Techniques, Technical writing Skills, Project management Skills, Data analysis Skills, Internet Marketing Skills; etc.

Technical skills are necessary for humans to develop and build because it aids in certain job processes, procedure and requirements.

Social Skills: Man by nature is a social being, living in a social environment (Society) and his relationship with one another involves some level of interaction, networking and dialogues, through these medium, messages, thoughts and feelings are shared and exchanged. Hence, Social skills are crucial for communication and interaction purposes. With social skills interaction among individuals, persons or social groups are made easy and interesting whether verbally, non-verbally, through gestures, signs, symbols, body language or physical appearance.

Social skills specifically include your ability to initiate relationships, sustain them and use it for your advantage. It is very important to always find a connection with the people you meet every day. Identify their interest and match it with yours. Relationship lasts longer when each party understand their shared interest and go a step further to add value to each other. No one sided relationship will last long. There must be shared interest, medium of exchange and transaction, and more so shared benefit. Sometimes the shared interest may be same industry, same business environment, etc. Make friends with people in your industry, attend conferences, expo, online hangout and join online groups and networks.

Business Skills: These are required for business relationships such as communication skills, negotiations, presentations, tactical and strategic reasoning, Task management, etc. Business skills are suitable for marketing, sales of goods, exchange of services and customer services, etc. An individual’s ability to promote goods and services effectively, create good customer services as well as having a good marketing Technique boosts and expands the life span of any vision-driven Business. Business owners must learn and adopt the proper means of communicating and negotiating with their workers, business partners, co-investors, customers, etc.

Leadership: A good leadership style is required as one of the business skills, as this will encourage and motivate. You must be able to motivate your workers and improve their productivity and growth for the success of the business. Business owners, Leaders, Coaches, Mentors must try and create time for their workers or staff. Get to know how they are going on with the business, what are their challenges, problems and shortcomings and see how they can be resolved to enhance the success of the business and the wellbeing of the workers or staff.

Problem Solving Capability: It is worthy of note that there is no business that is not faced with problems and challenges, but the level of competence and the capability to solve this problem and tackle the challenges is what gives your business the advantage. And to actualize this, good decisions must be taken and the right personnel put in place to manage activities.

Finally, having gone thus far, in analyzing the basic skills, necessary to developing oneself to become a productive and problem solving individual in the society and not a problem incurring individual, it is pertinent to note that without the right skills, you will be very far from actualizing your dreams of developing yourself self and impacting the world to success. Be Inspired, develop these skills today and be ready for a total recovery in time and harvest when the lockdown is over.

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