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Top 5 paying jobs in the World

Paying jobs are judged based on the society’s perceived value and rating. It is also based on the expected income. The amount of income a position or job attracts is currently the central point of societal interest. Even though success is not just measured by the amount of money your profession attracts, we cannot deny the fact that it is necessary to make enough money from your job to maintain your family and stay out of debt. This article is not to undermine the worth of other career or job portfolio. It is not to incite you to switch your position based on perceived pay. Focus on what passionate you and give yourself time to grow in it. Chasing the buck is not the ticket to happiness. Forget the nonsense that “wealth equals happiness” or that “wealth equates success”.

I know many people who outsiders would feel are successful because they are earning high from their paying jobs. In reality, they are failures. Yes, they have a lot of money. Howbeit, at the cost of their family, comfort and even health. Their life is miserable, their family left them, and they have no friends. They may be a “success” in the business world, but in life they are miserable failures.

Likewise, I know a lot of people that are contented with an averaged salaried position and have enjoyed a great balance with family, work and health and bothered about high paying jobs. Some even turned down promotions, to stay at manageable stress level that such offers come with.

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If you enjoy photography, web design, engineer, stay at it. Learn more to advance to the next level or get a better offer from another company. But don’t leave it just because you feel you aren’t successful. Stay where you are, realize the success you already have, and advance your skills to advance to higher salaries paying jobs within your field.

Here are the top paying careers in the world for your review:

  1. Physicians
  2. Information and Technical Employee
  3. Finance Related Career such as Accountant, Auditors, Certified Financial Planners, etc.
  4. Managers and Small Business Owners
  5. Lawyers

Stay on with next for a critical review of each of these careers and the skills that will keep you ahead of your contemporary.

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