About Us - Life Beyond Certificate

About Us

The Visioneer of Life Beyond Certificate

Life Beyond Certificate is a Volunteer Group in Africa pioneered by Ubong Udoka in association with youth leaders across the continent.

Our Vision is to inspire African youths to see life beyond certificate acquisition, and focus on skill acquisition and human capacity development. We are reaching hundreds of thousands of youth nationally and in the continent through our radio program and live stream from the various internet platform.

Our Objectives include the following:

  • To create a platform for young professionals to inspire one another and the teaming African youth to develop skills and launch their self into stardom
  • To provide information on high demand skills to be acquired in various disciplines
  • To connect our audience to a weekly/monthly platform where they can acquire digital skills to boost their visibility in the marketplace.
  • To connect young professionals to mentors for accelerated learning and experience sharing
  • To promote skill contest and idea showcase for funding and sponsorship
  • To reward excellence through awards given to people of exceptional repute in skills, influence and community/social development.

The Visioneer is a Geospatial Consultant and Personal Development Advocate. He is an author and speaker with strides in various aspects of life and career. A graduate of Geology, from the Unique University of Port Harcourt, and Masters in Environmental Geology, Federal University of Technology, Owerri, Nigeria

He leads a team of young professionals and entrepreneur to inspire African youths to see and live beyond their paper qualification. The life of a man does not consist alone on what is in the paper. We can achieve more and live our dreams. Our experiences, exposure, passion and even our weakness can be turned into valuable tools to effect our world and make profit.