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Best Job Hunting Sites for Nigeria

Introduction to Job Hunting Sites

In Nigeria, job hunting sites are gradually taking over the placement of recruitment ads, which used to be the norm for companies and institutions. The narrative today is different. As job advertsare placed on lots of job hunting sites, from thousands of organizations and institutions in Nigeria, seeking seasoned employees in their workforce. These sites are basically designed for the primary purpose of sharing job listings and notifications for audiences interested in job opportunities in Nigeria.  

In today’s article, we will be sharing with you 6 Best Job Hunting Sites you can take advantage of as a Nigerian. These best job hunting sites are primarily designed for Nigerians, with an easy to navigate site interface. But first, let’s begin with the most important question on the internet… 

What are Job Hunting Sites?  

Job hunting sites serve both as search engines and databases for job vacancies. Some of these sites also provide value – added services such as career counselling and cover letter writing to job applicants. Job seekers with any standard of schooling and expertise could consult these sites for job search within any industry of their choice. The thing is, it is one thing to use a job hunting site for your search. It is a whole different thing to actually arrive at the best job sites for your search as a Nigerian. 

Before putting up this article, we’ve examined a dozen of alternative job sites, before arriving at the following list for your usage. Kindly note that the list below is not in any particular order. Rather, it simply highlights the best job sites for Nigerians searching for employment in major cities, like Abuja, Port Harcourt, Ibadan, Lagos, and everywhere else. Having justified that, let’s proceed to our list.  

Which is the best job site in Nigeria? 

One of the prominent job market brands within the Nigerian ecosystem happens to be On NgCareers, employees and employers can meet on a user-friendly platform to share resources and services. Their goal has always been to offer Nigerians with the best job openings and career opportunities that exist. According to, ngcareers is on a global ranking of 21,975 and a Nigerian ranking of 158 as of the time of writing.  

This site is ranked at 129,907 globally and 860 in Nigeria. The admin of this platform knows the ropes of service, and are always providing Nigerian audiences with open positions from across the nation. With a team of proficient job opportunity recruiters, the platform seems to be on the rise, and getting stronger by every passing day. 

With well over 1000 recruiters listed on the platform, and a total of 5000 job positions, has proven itself to be on the list of best ranking job hunting sites for Nigerians. Regardless of the fact that the platform was launched barely 1 year ago, hotjobs has positioned itself as the go-to job hunting site for Nigerians searching for job opportunities. The platform is professional and easy to navigate. The good thing about this site is that it offers a diverse selection of positions, from full-time to part-time, to internships, and contract positions. They cover all the industries within Nigeria’s ecosystem. 

Sure, Nairaland is really not a job board…you may be wondering! However, nairaland made its way to our list simply because the platform has lots of information that can assist job seekers see job opportunities that suit their skill set and qualifications. From a conversation site, nairaland has evolved into a vacancy listing platform, providing their audience with ready job vacancies. 

Due to the quality of work the company put into the job finding portal, job list Nigeria has earned the trust and heart of most job seekers in Nigeria. With a huge Facebook fanbase, it’s obvious that they are well-liked by both employers seeking employable candidates, and employees searching for job vacancies.  

Jobberman happens to be one of Nigeria’s biggest job boards. Its rating on Alexa is pegged at  5900 globally and 27 in Nigeria at the time of writing. On the board, there are numerous daily job postings in which you can simply log into and apply for the one you are qualified for. Also, most people comment that the majority of the jobs on jobberman are compensated on the premise of applications. However, the platform still meets the standard of top search job portal requirements. 

How to Choose the Best Websites for Jobs

Before choosing any of our suggested options, we will recommend that you pay close attention to the volume of job listings on the site. Simplicity of the site interface and most importantly the needed requirement for job placement on the site. Just to mention a few, the above mentioned are what we believe are the leading indicators of best job hunting sites in Nigeria. 


First of all, we hope you found this article interesting?  Since you now know about our 6 Best Job Hunting Sites for Nigerians, we will suggest that you go ahead and visit any of them to begin your search for viable job openings within your area of focus. As you continue your job search, I wish you the best of luck. Kindly share this article with your friends, if you found this interesting and worth reading.

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