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Intelligence is your ability to acquire knowledge, understand knowledge and rightly apply it for personal and career success.

Taking this test will reveal your level of knowledge on how to practically improve your IQ and be ready to succeed.

Which word amongst the options is most opposite in meaning to the
word “EXPEDITE” ?

What number should be replace the question mark 473 (50), 578 (65), 529 (?)

How many minutes is it before noon if 29 minutes ago it
was six times as many minutes past 10 am?

Evoke is to arouse as Engrave is to:

Which is the odd one out?

What is the sum of all the odd numbers in the above list that
are immediately followed by another odd number? 7942163987581276

Which word is the odd one out?

Which word in brackets is closest in meaning to the word

What letter should replace the question mark ( Z    X    U   Q   L   ? )

What comes next after the fourth letter A   E   G   K   M?

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