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Boxing Career for Newbies

Boxing Career for Newbies

The boxing career is a highly demanding one that involves a continuous training, body building, rigorous and regular exercise under the supervision of certified coach or trainer. It is practically a fight that takes place in the ring. In the last 10 years, this career has expanded by 7% accommodating more interest and attracting enormous income and fortune to professionals.Successful boxers need quick reflexes, good eyesight and high physical strength and ability for competition.

There is no particular educational requirement for enrolling for this career. It all starts with enrolling in a gym at an early age, gaining strength and improving your boxing skills. This qualifies you to participate as an amateur in boxing matches, and qualifies you to participate in professional matches. Howbeit, you be certified by a registered trainer and coach, and moreso, earn the license of your state to participate.

Boxers can earn as high as $250 million per match as it was in the case of Floyd MayweatherJr’s fight against Manny Pacquiao.

To win a particular boxing match, a boxer must possess the necessary skills and boxing equipment. Theseboxing equipment include twin boxing gloves, shorts, shoes, bags and many more.

Twin Boxing Gloves

Anthony Joshua is known to patronize Rival RRFX Guerrero boxing gloves ($150) in most of his winning fights such the ones with WladimirKlitschko, Andy Ruiz and many more. This is because the gloves are durable, stylish with great protection and design features. Other brands associated with AJ are Granting boxing gloves($217) and RDX boxing gloves($50).

Mike Tyson Boxing Career

Mike Tyson was a heavy weight boxing champion who came into lime light at the age of 20years. His debut into this career was circumstantial. His strength was developed in the street with the primary aim to combat bully who have often time targeted him. This strength led him to associate with violent gangs who will often time cause chaos and were jailed several times for crimes.

Mike Tyson encounter with Bob Stewart: An amateur boxing champion was the beginning of a better story for his boxing career. He encouraged him to be read and write and further more complete his seventh grade level class. 

In 1980, Stewart later introduced Tyson to a famous boxing manager: Constantine D’Amato who had a track record of raising boxing champions. He played a father figure, role model and coach for him. Five years later, Mike Tyson won a major milestone and his fame began to rise. This earned him the name: “Iron Mike”

Mike Tyson earned about $27 million per fight with a cumulative total career earnings of $685 million. Howbeit, his poor management culture, business skills and frequent court case and jail sentences made him lost almost everything leading to his filing for bankruptcy.

Muhammad Ali Boxing Career

Muhammad Ali is an American born former heavy weight champion who had 56 victories in his boxing career. He earned an Olympic medal in 1960, and later proceeded to win the World Heavyweight Boxing Champion in 1964.

He was noted for outstanding bravery from a tender age of 12, which attracted a scout to invest and build on his career.

In 1974, he earned $4.5 million for defeating George Foreman in a fight known as “Rumble in the Jungle”. A year later his earning increase after defeating Joe Fraizer in a fight that got him $6 million richer. His highest earner can in 1980 after losing by a technical knockout in a match against Larry Homes. Other income came from endorsements by Addidas, GOAT LLC, and Electronic Arts companies. He attracted more than $7 million in revenue.

Ali won three heavyweight titles in his entire career with an Olympic Gold Medalist, thus accumulating gross earnings of about $60 million.

Anthony Joshua Boxing Career

Anthony Joshua began his boxing career at age 18 with 24 wins out of 25. A former construction worker turned boxer. He was considered to arrive late in the boxing career, when compared to Mike Tyson, Muhamad Ali, and many others who were many years in the boxing career and were already winning trophies. His greatest inspiration to venture into the career was his cousin.

His current net worth stands at $120 million with revenue of about $200 million per fight.

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