How to Make a Great Career in Pharmacy

What is a Career?  A career is a job of profession that someone does for a very long period of their life. This implies an occupation chosen by an individual to develop him or herself for a lifetime. Most career demand special training as a prerequisite to make great and long lasting success. It also … Read more

How to Prepare For Chemical Engineering Jobs

chemical engineering internships

How to Prepare For Chemical Engineering Jobs Preparing for chemical engineering jobs is a task that must be done if you really desire to earn a great one. Gone are the days when you stumble into a job. Chemical engineering jobs are very delicate and demand suitable qualified individuals to fill in the roles as … Read more

Pursing a Career in Mathematics

Pursuing a Career in Mathematics Anytime the subject: Mathematics is mentioned, there is this tension you can visibly find around students. Many feel like; ‘It’s a hard nut to crack’. Let me bring to your notice that mathematics is one of the simplest subject to understand. Never approach it with a pessimist mind. It’s a … Read more

Unlocking Great Opportunities in Chemical Engineering Career

Chemical Engineering salary

What is Chemical Engineering? Chemical Engineering Career is that discipline that is concerned with the manufacture of products from raw materials and the chemical processes such as refining, and mixing of compounds. They also have great input in the design of the equipment involved in the total cycle. Their work is not limited to the … Read more

How I Attracted International Scholarships for my MSc. AND PhD. Program

Many graduates are wondering why their academic exercise is yet to deliver to the desired result, while others are cashing out and enjoying enormous benefit from their academic adventure. Our guest today is one of those who have enjoyed great benefit from his academic investment. He has attracted two international scholarships at his masters and … Read more

Becoming a First Class Graduate

While many see the goal of becoming a first class graduate as an impossible task, others are naturally achieve it without burning their fingers. In this inspiring interview, Mr. Anthony: A first class graduate of Chemical Engineering shares his personal story on what made him stand out and specifically the study habits that worked wonders … Read more

Career Success Tips Beyond CERTIFICATE

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Welcome to another inspirational interview with Engr. Chisom Njoku: Oil and Gas Management Project Consultant. He shares career success tips his life story on how you can skill yourself for Career Success. Enjoy superlative inspiration from his story. LBC CREW: Please introduce yourself. LBC Guest: I am Chisom Njoku: An Electrical/Electronics Engineer. I graduated from … Read more