How I Published 29 Articles on High Impact Factor Journal

The art of writing is one of the most challenging task to undertake as a researcher, especially publishing in high impact factor journals such as Taylor and Francis, Springer, etc. Howbeit, a young researcher: Mr. Joshua Ighalo: (A Chemical Engineer) has cracked the code, and discovered the secret of gaining a quick approval for all … Read more

No Excuse is Enough for Your Failure

Enjoy self motivation words and interview with Mr. Godwin Owonam: A retired Chattered Account and Financial Analyst, Total Nigeria. He expresses in specific terms the failures he has encountered in his career path and how he overcame them. His story proves to the downtrodden that no excuse is enough for your failure. Don’t settle for … Read more

The Futility of Acquiring Certificates without skills

life skills

In these few decades I have lived in this country, I have discovered the futility of chasing a university degree and certificates. I was nurtured with the mentality that if I take my university courses very serious, life will be better. I will get a better job, buy good cars, build good houses and enjoy … Read more