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How to Attract High Paying Civil Engineering Jobs

How to Attract High Paying Civil Engineering Jobs

What is civil engineering? 

Civil engineering is a profession that has to do with infrastructures. It cuts across design, construction, supervision, maintenance and even restructuring structures like buildings, roads, bridges, railways, airports, etc. Civil engineering is one of the broadest fields in engineering, with other branches like structural engineering and environmental engineering, geotechnical engineering, surveying etc. It is studied in different tertiary institutions. Students who love mathematics, technical drawing, and modelling do well in civil engineering.

Online Civil Engineering Degree

People ponder and wonder if it’s possible to earn an online degree in civil engineering.

Well, the Insight is yes. You don’t need to be reminded that the internet has made a lot of things accessible and an online degree in civil engineering is part of it.

Areas covered by online civil engineering degrees include:

  • Advanced math and Mechanics
  • Structural design project management
  • Use of software and civil engineering.

Earning an online degree serves as evidence of expertise in civil engineering. It helps prepare students for work opportunities as engineers, where they apply the skill developed over time.

The following and most popular online schools for a civil engineering degree 

  1. Liberty University


  1. University of North Dakota 


  1. Great Basin college


  1. Idaho University 


  1. Old Dominion University 


The degree can be entered within three to five years with quality engineering training. People who have been waiting for such an opportunity should grab it now.

Is Civil Engineering Hard?

The answer to this question is multifaceted. Engineering is complex for students who are not devoted to their studies. Most times, students have been forced by their parents or guardians to study a course they lack passion for. Engineering is complex for students who do not read and are distracted by other activities.

On the other hand, engineering is not complex if clear fundamentals are understood. Suppose a student has a strong background knowledge of mathematics and technical drawing. Students devoted to civil engineering find it easier than lazy students who are unserious.

Civil Engineering Internships

An internship is an academic system that exposes students to practical training and work experience. Reality is seen during an internship. It also helps as a qualification for other future job opportunities based on working experience.

Civil Engineering Intern Opportunities in Nigeria

Julius Berger

Bluemool Ltd 

Ultimus holding 

MRSOil Nigeria

Civil Engineering Intern Opportunities in The United Kingdom 


Balfour Beatty P.L.C.

Story contracting 

S.C.S. Railways


Stone house UK

Civil Engineering Intern Opportunities in the U.S.A.


Hanson Professional Service

Meritage Homes Corporation

There are other internship opportunities in civil engineering online; these are just a few of so many.

Entry Level Civil Engineering Jobs

Entry-level civil engineers is a beginner experience where first-year students civil engineers assist senior civil engineers in carrying out duties like start to finish of building design, client relations, and design activities. At the entry-level, civil engineers work as junior engineers.

Entry-level engineers must have a bachelor’s degree and gather information, perform inspection, write Reports and help develop approximate amounts of construction equipment. They should have also known computer-aided designs and applications in AutoCAD, Autodesk Micro Station etc.

How to Attract a High Paying Job in the Industry.

Choose a Civil Engineering Niche

Civil engineering is broad, and speciality is needed for excellence; for example, project managers, quantity surveyors, site agents, drainage engineers, civil design engineers, many more are not listed. Excellent civil engineer services attract high demands from clients, and one way to be excellent is choosing a specific niche to focus on so you can have the time to learn, unlearn and relearn things related to your field.

Grow in Your Niche.

Now that you have chosen a niche, growth or development is essential. Do not be the civil engineer you were some years ago; devotion and hard work improve your skills. Good knowledge of what you do well will attract high paying opportunities.

Identify and Adopt Technology

Recently there is some computer software which aids civil engineers in their work. The software helps to provide professional services. It also helps clients have an accurate preview of their imaginations before they are put into a physical structure. It helps to make measurements easier makes work easy, attractive and professional. Civil engineers should be updated about recent advancements in their field.

Earn a Higher Qualification

Most civil engineers seem satisfied with a B.Sc degree when companies need people with high qualifications and experience. It is advisable to explore learning opportunities that certify you and qualify you more for higher job opportunities.


Research concerning highly paid engineering opportunities is listed on the internet. It is the responsibility of unemployed civil engineers to look for opportunities on the internet. Submit your CV and be optimistic.

Enhance Your Social Media Presence

Their presence, portfolio, and work archives should be active on their social media handles for practising civil engineers. Advertise Your works on applications like Facebook, LinkedIn, WhatsApp and blogs. This will boost the decision capacity of potential clients to work with you.


An upcoming civil engineer should affiliate with a successful person to improve their connectivity.


Creativity is one of the peculiarities of a civil engineer. A civil engineer should have the ability to think outside the box to come up with works that wow your clients.

Civil engineering salary in Nigeria

The average salary of a civil engineer is 1,285,901 to 3,000,000naira per year.

For entry-level engineers, their average monthly salary is 100,000 to 350,000 naira.

Civil engineering salary in the U.K.

The average annual salary of a civil engineer is £45,000 and 2,850 Euro monthly. 

Civil engineering salary in the U.S.

The average annual salary of a civil engineer is $84,445 and $2,850 monthly.

Hope this provides you with considerable information to earn high paying civil engineering jobs near me

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