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Consumers Ignore TV Ads by 52 Percent

Consumers Ignore TV Ads by 52 Percent

Consumers are compelled to self-filter what they pay attention to in an environment that demands their attention more and more. What doesn’t get the job done? advertisements, according to a recent study by Midia Research.

The report, “Ad strategy in a digital-first environment: Rethinking acceptability, tolerance and efficacy,” drew on findings from 9,000 participant surveys performed in nine regions during the first quarter of 2021.

52 percent of all consumers, and as much as 61 percent of those 55 and older, quit paying attention when commercials appear on TV, claims the survey leading to consumers ignore TV ads.

According to the study, as more consumers engage in lean-forward behaviors related to streaming media, advertising suffers even more. Online streaming services give users more flexibility over what and when they watch. Additionally, consumers have a shorter tolerance for provided advertising and are fast to ignore them as their desire for these lean-in platforms grows.

In the digital sphere, skipping video commercials online has increased since the first quarter of 2019 across all age groups, but most noticeably for those in the 20–24 and 25–34 age ranges (up 26 points) (up 18 points).

The Covid-19 outbreak underlined the long-term trend away from live TV engagement and only expedited the shift to a digital-first world. 33 percent of American consumers over the age of 55 paid a monthly subscription for video in the first quarter of 2021, up from 26 percent in the first quarter of 2019.

Social media platforms are well known for their customized and focused advertising, but this may frequently mean that a user gets exposed to comparable advertisements for rival businesses in a short amount of time, which completely undermines brand recognition or may even elicit unpleasant feelings.

Hanna Kahlert, report author and Midia analyst, stated in a statement that “advertising has turned from brand recognition and loyalty to a click-through-to-purchase, instantaneous, and one-off interaction – which is more of a roulette game to see which ad the user clicks on in their feed, rather than a long-term brand-consumer relationship.”

For the purpose of addressing the rising need for lean-in content, Midia advises a cross-platform cooperation strategy.