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Practical Solutions If you are Dating Someone with Depression

Dating Someone with Depression

Relationships are most times not a walk in the park. It is not all roses and butterflies with well-lit dinner dates. A lot more work is required in a relationship, especially if the person you are dating is going through some level of depression.

You may be thinking, how would I know if my partner is going through depression? There are signs you look out to know your partner is depressed.

  • Identify the changes you see when you are together, which was not initially there.
  • Are they acting like themselves 
  • Pay attention to their interests. Does it still excites them like before, or do they feel such activities are boring.


  • for sleeping disorders 


  • in eating habits


  • guilt or worthlessness 
  • Anxiety or anger

When you discover this trait that makes them withdrawn from people or regular activities, you need to take note of it. Sometimes, everyone feels down or sad from time to time so that some signs may be stress or a long day after work. But if it becomes prolonged, then a week or month, know it is likely to be depression. 

Once you realize your partner is suffering from depression, you need to be supportive to them but not to the detriment of your mental health or happiness.

Things to do if you are Dating Someone with Depression 

Learn and Grow Together

The first step to helping a depressed partner is to understand that depression is a mental illness, so you need to research it. Asking your partner to share his experience is important, but you must know the right ways to communicate. Questions like “Are you feeling great today? “How are you feeling, or how can I be of help to you?”.

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Learn about depression, don’t go with the crowd’s idea about it, and take time to understand how depression affects your partner. Be their best confidant, and it will help grow the relationship.

Encourage Your Partner

Seeing the person you love in a place of pain and struggles can be heartbreaking, but you need to stay strong to encourage them not to give up. Therapy goes a long way to improve the symptoms of depression, but it’s best to know how to tell your partner to go about it. Words like “You should go to the therapist can hurt them. Being depressed makes easy tasks look so burdensome to them just thinking 

about it. Rather say Have you considered talking to Someone (Therapy)?. Do not try to push them to do activities they once loved doing example: 

“You should go out of bed, get some fresh air outside.”

“You need to work out more to cut some weight” make your advice to them in ways that won’t make her feel they are alone or you do not understand what they are going through. An example: “Let’s go for a walk together, am cramped up.”

“What beautiful weather, can’t we have a picnic.”

Adjust To Them

The need for adjustment is very important; depression can make your partner counter every idea of fun or plans that was made already. You may feel disappointed that they no more engage in fun activities like a long-planned holiday, a birthday party or going out to the movies. How is the time to click your adjustment button?

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Instead of feeling angry, you need to be compassionate and creative to help maintain positive energy around them. Instead of saying, “you no more spend time with me anymore,” Try, “I understand you don’t feel pumped up to go out. How about a Netflix and chill together or a movie night at home”. Sometimes you may end up going to functions alone with questions on the lips of friends about why your partner could not make it” you do not need to satisfy the crowd’s curiosity, but rather protect your partner’s interest.

Take Care of Yourself

It is good to help a depressed partner by doing everything possible to make them feel a lot better, but if trying to do that, you ignore your needs would make it worse.

  • The need to create a balance and take care of yourself is your utmost responsibility. Failure to do so might cause excessive stress and can lead to burnout or depression. Good Selfcare activities to maintain good health 
  • Do not skip meals(eat a balanced diet)
  • Enjoy your hobbies
  • Create time for family and friends
  • Exercise 
  • Have your alone time

Find new ways to communicate.

A depressed person can be filled with patterns of negative thinking. This makes them feel less of themselves by saying words like “I am useless, I can’t do anything right,” and “I am stuck with this sickness.” Trying to reassure them that the negative thought is false is only natural. But doing this can backfire in the wrong ways, which may cause them to say hurtful things. Try confirming their feelings without agreeing to them, then channel attention to their positive traits. ” I know you feel alone, but I am always here for you “I get you have not been yourself lately, but you are still that strong, beautiful lady. I am in love. We will go through this together; this phase with end soon.

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Seek help and support from others

Support from friends and experts in the field is necessary to manage some emotions. Sharing your problems with trusted people helps relieve mental stress, which will help you positively consider seeing a doctor or a therapist yourself.

Dating Someone going through depression is not easy. But once you have chosen to love Someone, you have to accept them as they are. This can be done in the form of listening, giving support, encouraging and making them feel safe with you. All this would strengthen the relationship and help you overcome whatever situation you might be facing.

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