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Discover your Employers Secret Codes for a Pay Rise

Discover your Employers Secret Codes for a Pay Rise

An employment with a multinational corporation can serve as the ticket to a successful international career. This has led to a number of testimonies with reasonable requirements as to what kind of employee to hire. This can be made possible by intending employees discovering their dream employers secret codes to enhance their chance of a credible job with high payment percentage.

Case Study

As a senior engineering manager, Rowan Lyons joined the US-based technology business Xilinx in November. His first encounter with a significant multinational was with Xilinx. He worked for Irish-owned SMEs for the previous 17 years.

According to him, there are more similarities than differences in the recruiting practices of indigenous businesses and global corporations. “Ten years ago, hiring revolved around finding really smart people and trusting that the rest would fall into place. Currently, the procedure is far more complex, especially when determining how someone would fit in.

“The clever part is pretty much taken for granted, but what matters is that hard to quantify aspect surrounding how well-suited the person is to the team as well as to the work. The opposite of what you want is someone who is extremely talented but always leans the wrong way.

At its location in Citywest, Xilinx has 350 employees and has been operating in Ireland since 1995. The organization’s head of human resources is Libby Gribben.

Fit is unquestionably crucial, as is the capacity for teamwork, according to her. “Given how quickly things change, flexibility is another important quality we seek for. We require adaptable, forward-thinking individuals.

The selection procedure at Xilinx is based on six fundamental competencies and excludes psychometric testing.

These competencies include;

  • Effective communication.
  • Teamwork.
  • An external emphasis.
  • Ownership.
  • Accountability.
  • Psychometric testing.

According to Gribben, “being competent entails being able to demonstrate a talent.” “Under the heading of teamwork, we want participants to provide us with specific examples of their collaboration with others. We also place a high value on strong communication skills because they will probably be working with people of different nationalities and in international teams.

Job experience “If someone can demonstrate work experience in the US with a tech company for instance, that shows us they are adaptable, have worked in a team environment and are knowledgeable about how US businesses run.

“We also need people who can show that they are aware of what’s happening in both the business environment and the IT sector. They must demonstrate knowledge of our business, our rivals, the economy, and any global events that might have an impact on it.

Case Study

Google receives over two million job applications annually from all over the world, and when hiring, it prioritizes finding the ideal fit. Although the business does not conduct any kind of psychological testing, candidates for technical positions can be given an assignment to complete.

Head of Google’s EMEA staffing programs Jane Weighton states, “We are seeking for people who will have a long and successful career with the company.” This workplace is undergoing significant change. We need applicants that can adapt as we expand and keep investing in new technologies and geographic areas.

“We evaluate all candidates using the same four criteria and standards”

These four standards are;

  • Leadership.
  • Job and company fit.
  • Subject matter expertise.
  • Problem solving skills.

“The way we evaluate whether someone satisfies the requirements will change depending on the role. For a university grad, for instance, it might be more important to gauge their enthusiasm for the internet sector.”

“Our hiring procedure includes a preliminary conversation with a recruiter, a 45-minute phone interview, and three to four on-site interviews with their potential team. By consensus, we make hires. No one person has final authority.

Anyone interested in working at Google is advised by Weighton to visit their career portal, which has a wealth of resources, including YouTube videos on interview preparation.

Case Study

At its location in Galway, the medical equipment company Boston Scientific has more than 3,000 workers. Elaine Boyd serves as its HR director. According to her, it’s essential to be able to survive in a fast-paced multi-matrix setting.

We are a high performing organization, and not everyone can handle the pace at which we operate. We frequently recruit people based on their attitude and cultural fit, believing they already possess the necessary functional competency.

Behaviors are dependent on the function, we look for a variety of talents and behaviors. For a managerial job, this would involve a person’s respect for the people they are in charge of, their engagement and communication skills, and their decision-making process.

Elaine Boyd claims that the organization is primarily searching for someone with a diverse set of skills, relevant experience, and the ability to perform the job. The ability to participate in the business’s other initiatives, such as its ongoing CSR programs, is also crucial.

Boston strives to fill 70% of positions internally and supports internal promotion. “In a business of our size, there are many of chances to learn new things and advance your career. One of our most recent global vice president hires began as a technician,” adds Boyd.

Qualities multinationals evaluate when hiring employees

  • A solid cultural fit with the company.
  • Flexibility and a forward-looking attitude.
  • Effective problem-solving skills.
  • Solid interpersonal relations.
  • The capacity for teamwork.