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7 Quick Ways you can Earn Big Online as a Graphic Designer

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Graphic Design: What is it?

It’s important to comprehend everything well, from billboards and logos to the packaging of your food goods, before we can begin to address how to earn money as a graphic designer. All of that is graphic design.

Finding visual solutions for a particular purpose, such as persuading someone to buy a product, watch a television program, or attend a significant event, is at the heart of graphic design. It’s true that graphic design encompasses practically all of your visual experiences.

There are a few various areas of graphic design where you might choose to focus, such as package design, layout design, branding and logo design, or even typography if you’re interested in creating typefaces and experimenting with type.

Although some niches may pay a little more based on your skill level, each bucket is equally vital.

Essential Tools for Graphic Designers;

Making sure you have all the necessary tools is the first step in learning how to become a graphic designer. Many of these can be simply obtained online, but keep in mind that starting a graphic design firm is pricey.

A computer is the first item you’ll need, which can be either a desktop or a laptop of any brand. Most experienced graphic designers will advise you to use Apple goods and to use a desktop computer rather than a laptop.

When I first began out, I was using an Apple MacBook Pro, and I had no issues with it. However, I recently bought a Mac desktop with a lot larger screen, and it’s so much simpler when drawing minute things. Additionally, a subscription to the Adobe Creative Cloud is required. Prices vary depending on the package level you select; I advise buying access to all Adobe products because you never know which one a client may require.

Consider purchasing a bundle that includes access to Photoshop (which is ideal for making online images) and InDesign if you’d prefer to pay a monthly fee (geared more towards print design).

The final graphic design item I suggest is a ruler, which may seem ridiculous, but it’s always useful to have around, especially for print design. In the event that you don’t have access to a printer for test prints, you can use this method to obtain a sense of how big the printed item you’re designing is.

7 Graphic Designer Earning Option;

No matter what industry you’re interested in, there are a ton of opportunities for graphic designers to generate money online. Consider starting to sell or create some of the goods on this list if you’re wondering how to become a graphic designer.

1. Produce and market templates.

Undoubtedly, this is one of the most successful methods for graphic artists to earn passive money. Making templates of any kind, whether for ebooks, posters, invites, or Pinterest pictures, is all that is required with this strategy. Afterward, market the templates online.

Due to how easy it is to personalize these products, many small business owners and bloggers who are frequently pressed for time or lack the necessary expertise prefer to buy them.

When your own template shop is established and you put in the effort, you might start to make money without doing much more than advertising your goods.

2. Disseminate Information Through Webinars or Workshops.

Online education is at an all-time high, and I have no doubt that many of you would even join up for a workshop on “How to Make Money as a Graphic Designer” if it were offered.

If you have studied graphic design or believe you know enough about it, sell access to webinars, workshops, online courses, or training sessions where you teach the subject to people who may not be very knowledgeable.

Even just talking about the fundamentals would benefit many individuals and bring in some money. Discover the top online venues for selling courses here. The Teachable platform is excellent for developing online courses. Find out more here.

4. Sell stickers.

Small sticker stores are expanding as a result of TikTok’s recent surge in popularity. You only need Photoshop or Canva to create text-based stickers, or an iPad to create illustrated stickers, to create stickers.

The best part about making stickers is that you can employ dropshipping, which essentially means you can choose not to be in charge of packaging and shipping them out.

You’ll still end up with more money in your pocket even if you engage a third party vendor to handle all of your sales.

Etsy, RedBubble, and Society6 are the greatest online stores to buy and sell stickers. You might also think about using Shopify to host your own website with your own designs.

4. Work as a consultant in design.

Become a design consultant if you want to work as a graphic designer and sell expensive products to generate money.

By doing this, you effectively sell a few hours of your time to someone who needs your advice and ideas on graphic design for their own company. Your hourly rate is determined, and you coach and counsel prospective designers, offering guidance and pointing them in the proper direction.

FlexJobs, Upwork, and Fiverr all have design consultant positions available.

5. Create fonts for Creative Market.

If you’re interested in typography, fonts are a terrific way for graphic designers to earn passive cash. Even simply using your own handwriting, you can easily create fonts that you can sell on platforms like Creative Market or Etsy for up to $100.

6. Create ready-to-use logo packages

You may build and market a wide range of various logos that are already set up as vectors in a manner similar to how you create and market templates.

This is a common method used by many smaller companies to generate their own logos when they cannot afford customized branding solutions. To create their own new logo, all they need to do is open the design file and change the words and colors.

7. Market bespoke branding packages.

One of the other high-ticket services that a graphic designer may provide is branding, which can cost up to $4000 if they’re in high demand.

These packages come with a custom logo, color scheme, fonts, patterns, and other elements that help firms establish their identities.