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10 Freelance Websites Waiting to Get You Tons of Online Jobs

10 Freelance Websites Ready to Land You Virtual Jobs for Big Cash.
These websites might assist you in developing solid relationships with customers without having to
compete on pricing.

You can submit applications to well-known freelance websites after receiving work from these websites.
I’ll list ten websites where you can apply as a new freelance writer that don’t have a lot of competition.

Clouds Peeking

A modest business owns Clouds Peep, a respectable freelance website with little competition.
You must submit an application to our website if you are certain enough about your abilities,
experience, and the services you will offer to customers.
Although the remuneration per project is extremely high, they will deduct 15% from your first project’s


The freelancing website Servicescape Service, which specializes in writing, translation, and graphic
design projects, is constantly expanding and has little competition.
These 3 projects for freelance websites are the main focus of this platform.
Both seasoned freelancers and newcomers can benefit from this website. You only need to complete
their sign-up form, profile, and account creation.


Bonnle is a distinctive, sparsely populated website where freelancers can find work. According to their
hobbies, freelancers apply to it and launch their first project.

The fact that a team of independent contractors can collaborate and work on a project together is a
plus. For new businesses and authors with original ideas, this is the greatest venue to implement their ideas.
Every finished project on this website is reduced by 30%.

Speed Lancer

A new, well-liked, low-competition website for new freelancers is called Speed Lancer.
However, because this organization exclusively hires the greatest independent contractors, the hiring
procedure is challenging.
You must submit an application for this company if you can finish a project quickly—within 4 hours—and
deliver it to the client.
It deducts 20% of your initial income.


The excellent low-competition freelance website Periodix displays tasks from multiple networks.
It offers remote employment in various fields:

marketing, coding, customer service, and writing
This website constantly updates its job listings, allowing you to look for and apply for the top remote

Get Online Freelance Jobs with Reliable Freelancers | Periodix
recent remote employment


A new low-competition freelance website called Contena offers copywriters and independent writers
remote assignments.

It offers opportunities for creating many types of content, including blog posts, fiction, technical writing,
resumes, and cover letters.

You don’t have to bid on projects to land your first work, and the registration process is really

On the website, you can also sign up for the courses they provide.

Sell Crowd

For new freelancers, this is a whole distinct website.

On this platform, you can either advertise your skills straight away or apply for remote work.


Zeerk is a five-year-old, low-competition freelance platform that is expanding with more and more new

You can charge anything between $5 and $500 for your services.

Registration is free, and you can then start selling services. From each sale, this site will deduct 8 to 20
Although Glassdoor is not a corporation that hires freelancers, it does so.

It aids workers in locating remote employment close to where they now reside.

Additionally, they provide freelance jobs.

Club of Freelancers

On this UK website, independent contractors have two options:

a no-cost account with few features.
a high-end package for $11.9/month.
It enables independent contractors to submit bids for various jobs and climb the rankings in business

Task Outsourcing

This fantastic business offers both offline and online recruitment options.

This platform offers a wide range of services, including copywriting, virtual assistance, gardening, and

You can purchase a premium subscription with a 3 percent cost for $199, or you can start out free with
limited features access and a 10% platform fee.

Final Reflections

I hope you will take into account the aforementioned low-competition websites as you begin your
profession. Consider low-competition websites rather than being turned down on renowned freelance
websites. After reading the terms and conditions, carefully apply to these new websites. For detail mentorship on how to earn big from Freelancing, Order Freelance Mastery from our E-Store.