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College Students Invent Gas Detection System

A group of college students led by Mr Jiboku have invented gas detection system to track leakage in household and industrial workplace.

It is no more news that the incidents of gas explosion in the city of Abeokuta has become more frequent. Fire outbreak has ravage many buildings and destroyed many lives in recent times. This has inspired a group of students from TAIDOB college, Abeokuta to developed a gas detection system. This gas detection system is capable of providing early warning and further avert future outbreak.

The Supervisor of the College, Mr Obawunmni Jiboku while talking with a journalist revealed that the strong will and believe from the the student played a strong role in making this contribution possible. Their intelligence and hard work was undeniable. According to Mr Jiboku, “It is worthy of note and a ground breaking achievement that this gas detection system was made possible in his time.

Solving the current issues of persistent explosion from gas within Abeokuta area is inevitable. He divulged that one more set of students joined worldwide exhibitions, putting Ogun State on the world map as well as being shining examples. He guaranteed that the Management of the College would continue in its resolution to retain as well as sustain the tradition of invention and solving current societal challenges. Over the past years, the College has involved the best brains within their domain to participate in series of creative work contest and invention, nationally and international. This gas detection system has attracted several awards to our school and students, thereby making Ogun state proud. Interswitch Spak National Scientific Research Competition award is the third and latest among the various accolade received.

Details of the Product

The gas detection system consists of the following component: Load cells, casing, battery, battery charge controller, LEDs, Buzzer, AC to DC converter, Smoke detector, GSM module, Wooden base constructor, CED screen, Module for LCD screen, switch, Vero board, Micro controller, load cells amplifier and much more.

This gas detection system comes in three forms. The first one consist of and indicator connected with a wire to the weighing balance with the use of electrical energy as the basic power source. The second form has all the component of the first except for the fact that it uses solar energy as its power source. The third form is wireless and uses sensors in the place of wires. Sensor are used to connect the indicator to the weighing balance. A gas level indicator is also an additional compnent to this third form. This makes it possible for the users to know the level of their gas anytime they so desire. The production cost for the first, second and third are thirty-five thousand naira, fourty thousand naira and fourty-eight thousand naira respectively. According to the young team, they are expected to make a profit of over twenty thousand naira for each.

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