How to Become a Software Developer

Software development is an emerging career trend that has become one of the most rated industry with high pay check. Our guest today is a young player in this industry, a software developer, and mobile app creator. He shares his experience on the responsibilities and benefit of working and excelling in the industry. LBC Crew: … Read more

How to Develop a Photography Business Plan

photography business

Welcome to an inspiring interview with the CEO of Goodlife Media Studio, Nigeria. His experience shows us that you don’t need to grow old before you become proficient at your job. Its begins with a photography business plan, then Self-development and determination follows as strong keys to personal advancement and global visibility in the business. … Read more

Woman Entrepreneur: Surviving all Odds to Excel in Business

woman entrepreneur

Welcome to a unique session with a woman entrepreneur. She has survived several challenging issues including accident to discover and stay on her dream of being in business. ‘A multifaceted woman entrepreneur’ as I call has several lines of business to include red oil business, retail chain store, and first grade clothing attire. Her business … Read more

Start Up Business Ideas for Campus Entrepreneurs

This is a personal story of a young man with an intense passion for success. He has survived all odds my start up business ideas in the campus from nothing to an admirable stage. Enjoy our interview segment and be inspired by his story. LBC CREW: Its our pleasure meeting you Sir, we correspondents from … Read more

3 Worst Times for Business Start Up

Every young graduate’s dream is to get a good job immediately after convocation; whether it’s in a bank, an oil and gas industry, etc. This was a more achievable dream in the industrial revolution. A lot has changed now because nothing last lasts forever. Since 1985, we have formally crossed from the industrial age to … Read more