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How 9 Affiliate Marketers are Cashing Out $2500 in Commissions Monthly

How 9 Affiliate Marketers are Cashing Out $2500 in Commissions Monthly

For those who wish to make a significant amount of money without having to work on product development, affiliate marketing may be the best option. You earn commissions by reselling someone else’s goods. Sounds easy enough, right? It’s not as simple as that, though. You should be aware that it’s not that easy to make money with affiliate marketing and we are here to broaden you on how affiliate marketers are cashing out $2500 in commissions.

For most individuals, the beginning of everything is always the most difficult portion. However, as soon as the cash starts coming in, your motivation increases and you are also able to reinvest in order to enhance your marketing tactics.

We came to the realization that 2020 hasn’t necessarily been the best year for all affiliate marketers out there. We contacted a few professionals in the field to learn how they got started and what advice they have for those who are looking to earn their first $1,000 in commissions.

What Professionals Have to Say

Some of the top affiliate marketers in the globe provided us with tips, which we collated. Here are their comments regarding earning their first $1,000.

Case Study 1

Contributor Information:

RJ Weiss is my name. The Ways To Wealth was started by me. It is an independent personal finance website that posts articles such as product comparisons, “how to” tips, best-of lists, and reviews. Since we launched in 2016, more than 9 million readers have come to us for advice and insights on a variety of subjects, including investing, travel hacking, side hustles, freelancing, frugal living, and everything in between.

How He Created the Initial $1,000

With the help of a combination of Pinterest traffic directed to quality content with pertinent affiliate offers, I made my first $1,000.

This occurred in 2016, a year in which it was simpler to make material go viral on Pinterest. However, Pinterest is still a fantastic traffic source for fresh sites today. In fact, given that Pinterest is less competitive than Google, if I were starting over today, I would invest a significant amount of resources there.

Utilizing Pinterest as a search engine is the secret to making it successful. To put it another way, consider every new Pin you add as a fresh blog post. Make sure the pin description communicates what the reader will learn, the headline is one that viewers want to click, and the material is of a good caliber.

I frequently make several, even dozens, of Pins for each blog post. One blog post can appear in the search results for numerous keywords if Pinterest is thought of as a search engine. More importantly, this tactic enables you to drive steady, high-quality traffic to your website. This is why some of my old pins still receive visitors.

Pinterest doesn’t work for every market, but if you’re in one where there’s a lot of content, it’s a terrific way to drive the first visitors and, consequently, the first sales to your website.

Case Study 2

Contributor Information:

I’m Adam Connell, the creator of Blogging Wizard, the premier online learning platform for anyone looking to launch and develop a blog.

How He Created the Initial $1,000

I had a blog about using WordPress to create websites between 2011 and 2012. Since I had been creating websites for some time, I wanted to impart what I had learned.

I soon became aware that the software, plugins, and themes I was using to create websites included affiliate programs.

Although I didn’t expect to make any money, I enjoyed the thought that I might be able to earn a little more money. I had earned my first $750 after a few months. It took me a while before I finally reached $1,000, but that’s a story for another time.

How did I manage it?

I made content with buyer intent based on the tools I regularly use. It was simple for me to make tutorials, reviews, and list posts because I was well-versed in the tools.

Here, two things stood out:

The tools I recommended were fantastic. Their service was excellent, and their main offering was perfect. The same applied to their website’s design and user experience. It’s important to firmly believe in the items you promote.

Each affiliate link I included served a specific purpose; I didn’t just throw them into articles at random. Each piece concentrated on meeting a certain need.

Although there are many other elements to take into account when developing your affiliate marketing strategy, these two are crucial.

That’s all, then!

Case Study 3

Contributor Information:

My name is Leigh, and I work in affiliate marketing. In the past three years, I’ve sold two projects, one for a mid-six figure sum and the other for a low-seven figure sum. I’m a very satisfied user of Cloudways as well. The Life Operating System was founded by Leigh Louey-Gung.

How He Created the Initial $1,000

In the VPN industry, I first started affiliate marketing back in 2014. (back before it blew up and was dominated by the major tech sites). By constructing our website on a domain name with an established backlink profile, we earned our first $1,000.

We conducted in-depth keyword research to find a good possibility that we believed would allow us to make money without having to spend thousands of dollars to rank for the keywords. We engaged a team of guest post outreachers to attempt and acquire guest posts on other websites after I wrote the first piece of content for the website.

I created the article, published it on the websites, and included backlinks to our websites if we had guest post requests granted. Before we began to see results from this approach, it took two months, and it took three months before we received our first commission. We made our first $1,000 through affiliate marketing in month four.

Case Study 4

Contributor Information:

The Word Counter’s founder and CEO is Kevin Miller. He has vast experience in SEO, paid acquisition, and email marketing. He is a growth marketer. Kevin is a Forbes contributor, a Georgetown University graduate, a former head of growth and marketing for a number of high-profile Silicon Valley businesses, and he spent several years working at Google.

How He Created the Initial $1,000

Google Adsense and the Grammarly affiliate program are how I make money off of my content. Grammarly’s affiliate program offers compensation. $20 for a premium signup and 20 cents for a free one. While many others have slowed down, we have significantly increased our spending for content generation since we are doing everything we can to improve our search rankings.

Writers are better able to finish new themes, which lets me plan out the entire year’s worth of content and obtain it for less money. We are now producing one new post every day, and we will always do so! This will aid in the expansion of our company, and after that, we’ll add email marketing, perhaps along with paid Facebook ads and Google Adwords.

Case Study 5

Contributor Information:

Fitness Savvy, a website for gym equipment where you can learn about fitness and filter products in-depth using fitness-specific criteria, is run by Robin Young. To further assist you in understanding the meaning of the attributes, their filters even offer mini-guides that lead to in-depth information.

How He Created the Initial $1,000

I didn’t want to be a normal affiliate marketer when I first began out. I made the decision that I wanted to create a brand, not simply find a keyword-rich domain and imitate what others were doing. Unfortunately, this led to me trying to work on too many things at once.

As a result, I didn’t make my first $1,000 for a long. In retrospect, there would have been nothing wrong with starting off by going for the quick cash while developing the brand. The simple solution would have been to concentrate on a very specific range of products and write thorough reviews and buying advice.

Since the site was too big and had a lot of thin material, I tried to add as many products as I could, I spent too much time focusing on a variety of categories (from whey protein to resistance bands) and performed a lot of unnecessary link building.

Search rankings started to improve when hundreds of product pages were deleted, and income has now increased to a few thousand dollars per month by focusing on core categories and constructing detailed product pages. My suggestion for aspiring affiliate marketers is to strive to break the mold, but to start out, employ tried and true techniques while creating your original product.

Case Study 6

Contributor Information:

ExaWeb’s co-founder and technical director is Patrick Garde. In the Philippines, he is the boss of a digital marketing firm.

How He Created the Initial $1,000

I began as an affiliate marketer before founding my own digital marketing firm. I tried to duplicate it by researching markets and websites that do well on Flippa. If I recall correctly, I created an Angry Birds blog where we published content for walkthroughs, tips, and tricks, as well as goods, and that is when I earned my first $1,000 in affiliate commissions.

The demand for Angry Birds items at the time allowed us to generate affiliate commissions on average of $700–$900 per month. I was also successful in selling it for a few thousand dollars on Flippa. In terms of failures, I built a website akin to StubHub. Visitors came to my website, which has StubHub affiliate connections.

I was able to make a few commissions, although it was short-lived. Unfortunately, I was unable to sell the website since at the time, I knew very little about the laws governing websites and other related matters. I also created a website about Taylor Swift. I assumed we wouldn’t run into any issues because Taylor Swift has a lot of fan sites.

I’m not sure if I annoyed their legal team because they removed my fan site and filed a lawsuit. The lesson I took away from my experience is that there is a lot of risk involved in playing around with trademarks (such as Angry Birds, StubHub, Taylor Swift, etc.), as the legal owner may remove your website. To prevent any issues, my best recommendation is to establish your own brand under which you would engage in affiliate marketing.

Case Study 7

Contributor Information:

For, Stacy Caprio handles marketing. This promotes confidence and aids people in overcoming skin problems.

How She Created the Initial $1,000

I’ve engaged in affiliate marketing across a variety of markets and platforms, including Amazon, CJ, and others. Through product reviews, which I shared on YouTube and in blog posts, I earned my first $1,000 in affiliate commissions. Even though I still advocate affiliate products, my attention is now more on selling my own goods because the revenue share is so much bigger when you sell a product directly rather than through an affiliate link.

Case Study 8

Contributor Information:

I’m Jan Kovac, one of the creators of Casino Guru, which houses the largest database of online casinos and online casino bonuses with the most recent details on virtually every online casino on the internet.

The First $1,000 She Made

It took us nearly a year after we founded before we earned our first 13 cents. Without a question, those 13 cents were the hardest of my life, but it’s good to reflect on them now and contrast them with the prosperity that came after. The initiative has already cost us almost €130,000 in time and money spent on constructing it, before we’ve even made the first 13 cents. We spent all of our savings, abilities, leisure time, and energy working 10 to 12 hours a day, six days a week, and were making next to nothing. However, it was the reality of beginning a company based on organic traffic with strict quality standards and attempting to do everything correctly. Also challenging was the planning. The success of your project in search engines cannot be predicted or planned for, so we were unable to come up with any feasible ideas at all. We put all of our effort into the project with the hope that it would eventually reach the top. They were perplexed as to what odd undertaking I had gotten myself into. And I also began to wonder. I was convinced that if this project doesn’t work out, I’ll stop doing anything business-related for at least ten years. We also established a deadline, saying that we would give up if the initiative didn’t generate at least €500 a month in revenue within 6 months. The first 13 cents arrived next, and swift growth that followed allowed us to reach break even within 4 months. So, following the first 13 cents, the first thousand from affiliate commissions came quite rapidly. The growth phase was marked by demanding yet fruitful hard labor. With regard to the difficult beginnings, it was all worthwhile and optimistic.

Case Study 9

Contributor Information:

I am Mike Bran, the company’s founder.

How He Created the Initial $1,000

Our love and enthusiasm for traveling, camping, outdoor recreation, and having fun led to the creation of Thill Appeal. We want to be the go-to resource for information on outdoor action sports and adventure. I appeared in a number of reputable media publications, including Business Insider and

In contrast to the numerous affiliate marketing success tales I have heard, I would want to relate my own. I want to talk you how I decided to start an affiliate marketing business and how it helped me gradually achieve enormous success.

In 2015, I and my team got things going by developing an app that functioned like software. Millions of items were offered there. In the first year following the app’s launch, we made about six dollars. The program was shown to be more than just a marketplace and business tracking software.

By releasing an updated version and modernizing the app, I reached a new milestone in 2017. However, we were unable to grow and certain issues remained. Because of this, a few of our clients requested refunds, and those days were a total loss. But we didn’t stop there. We worked hard to create something special and spectacular so that we could receive the reaction we wanted. Finally, in 2019, we were able to create a stable version of our software, and on that day, my business began to achieve its success targets. Each accomplishment was enormous and greater than anything we had previously done. With the updated edition of our affiliate monitoring tool, our vendors were quite pleased.

However, by the end of 2020, we were stranded in the COVID-19 epidemic, but thanks to the sophisticated capabilities of our app, our suppliers and clients could use the program while confined to their homes. The reason we are here in 2020, where we even battled the pandemic and kept up our affiliate marketing, is all because we never gave up and invested hundreds of dollars before making thousands.

I want to highlight that anyone can succeed in affiliate marketing if they just realize that persistence is the key to success and that anything is possible.


Most individuals may initially think that $1,000 is a difficult goal to achieve, but you shouldn’t stop there.

The above discussion by affiliate marketers covered a wide range of topics. I’d like to briefly outline a few key points below:

Be persistent: It’s crucial that you persevere and not give up right away. Although many of the people who wrote in the above comments took a while to earn their first $1,000, they persisted.

Always be on the lookout for good possibilities that you can take advantage of to earn additional commissions.

Choose your market carefully. You want to find a niche with enthusiastic participants who can help you earn more money.

There is no such thing as easy money, so don’t look for it.

Be strong; bad days will come. Keep your head up and try not to get depressed!

Consider it a turning point that may allow you to move on to greater and better things. The best thing to do is to get started as you could still be wondering how to generate money with affiliate marketing. There is no reason to believe you can’t make big monthly commissions like many of our affiliates do!