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How I Made $2,000 from Amazon Kindle Publishing: Newbie’s First Attempt.

Amazon Kindle Publishing

What to do First.

How to make money from your e-books are as short as 6,000 words or are collections of pieces previously published by the author, you are not required to create a book in a week.

Focus on quality whether it takes a week or a year to create your book. Find a volunteer to read your work and provide an unbiased review, then edit, edit, edit. Prepare to publish after that.

If every technical part of the publishing process were explained, some readers might become discouraged and do nothing. Instead, let’s take a quick look at the procedure and mention several excellent sources for information about Kindle publishing that go into greater detail about various topics. But trust me, if I could figure it out in a couple of hours, you can too. After all, I’ve been making a living online for ten years, and I still don’t possess a smartphone and have trouble downloading software.

You must first convert your book to the required format. Amazon has a helpful tutorial for producing ebook files and supports a number of various file types. The ability to link to chapters from the table of contents is one of the more flexible features of some file types. Although many authors advise converting to Amazon’s mobi file format, you can always experiment with other file types to determine which one is most useful for your needs. They claim that my preferred way, using Microsoft Word with minimal formatting, works well with Kindle devices.

When you upload your file and see it on the Kindle Previewer, the true test begins. Read the book from cover to cover. Fix any formatting mistakes before re-uploading the file. Before you get it right, you’ll upload and preview a lot. During that time, you’ll learn what to do and what to avoid doing the next time.

You’ll obviously need a cover image, which you can either create yourself if you’re creative or have created for you. Some of my book covers were created by my wife, and others were professionally created for $15 through Fiverr. If you have an image to work with, Amazon even offers a free tool for creating book covers.

What can you earn?

Your book should probably cost between $2.99 and $9.99. Amazon pays a royalty of 70% for sales in the range in the majority of nations. You receive 35% in the alternative. For instance, if you price your book at $16.00, you will make $5.60 (or 35 percent), but if you price it at $9.99, you will be paid $6.99 per sale (70 percent).

The ideal price point for tiny books is frequently just at $2.99, where you receive a royalty of $2.09 each sale. This isn’t terrible considering that my publisher only pays me $1.50 for each $19.95 of my print book on unusual ways to make money, which is average.

Why is Marketing Important?

Books do not sell themselves, despite what some authors might believe. Although it is true that ebooks are more easily accessed by potential customers than print books, I nevertheless count myself fortunate to have made a respectable income from my Kindle sales and to continue to do so each month (even if it was only $104 last month).

To actually succeed, you need to learn about marketing, which is outside the purview of this post (and largely outside the realm of my expertise, which accounts for the extra $104). Fortunately, there is a wealth of useful material available online regarding selling Kindle novels.

How much of an aid is effective marketing? John Locke acknowledges in “How I Sold 1 Million eBooks in 5 Months!” that the reason his Kindle murder mysteries were so successful is that he is more of a marketer than a novelist. That book makes no mention of Locke purchasing 300 reviews. Luckily, there are other strategies to raise your book’s position in the rankings.

Other E-book Formats Besides Kindle;

  1. The Nook gadget from Barnes and Noble has a publisher website at Despite reports to the contrary, Barnes and Noble will continue to produce the Nook for the time being. In any case, too many people continue to purchase books on ereaders for them to discontinue their publishing division of the company.

The few e-books I have on the Nook’s platform sold last month brought in $27 for me. It’s not much, but I haven’t even glanced at my account in many months, and once my ebooks were prepared for Kindle, it took very little further work to load them up on the Nook platform. Publishing on Nook is free, just like KDP.

2. A unique kind of e-book platform is Smashwords.

 Your e-book can be more-or-less automatically converted into numerous formats with the right formatting, such as a PDF or an Apple iBook. Make sure you choose not to have Smashwords sell your work in the Kindle or Nook versions if you’ve already published it on those platforms. They take a cut of each sale in addition to what Amazon or Barnes and Noble retain from it.

You receive a free ISBN number for your book, which is a great touch on top of being free like the other platforms. If you want an ISBN on Kindle or Nook, you have to pay for it, however the majority of authors choose to do without.

To put it another way, if you’ve gone to the work of writing your book and getting it ready for publication, you might as well take a chance and make it available on other platforms. Your sales might double or triple if you put in a little extra effort.