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How I Published 29 Articles on High Impact Factor Journal

The art of writing is one of the most challenging task to undertake as a researcher, especially publishing in high impact factor journals such as Taylor and Francis, Springer, etc. Howbeit, a young researcher: Mr. Joshua Ighalo: (A Chemical Engineer) has cracked the code, and discovered the secret of gaining a quick approval for all his research papers in his field. According to him, he has published twenty-nine wide read articles in several high impact journals including Springer, Taylor and Francis, Q1, and many others. He shares his inspiring story on how he was able to achieve this in two years. Joshua Ighalo is a graduate of Chemical Engineering, University of Benin, Nigeria. His Master’s program is focused in Bio-Chemical Engineering with particular interest on Bio-Remediation, Waste Management, Pollution Control and Bio-Fuel.

LBC CREW: How has your undergraduate experience been?

MR. JOSHUA IGHALO: I did my undergraduate program in the Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Benin. It was very interesting, because of the privilege of being tutored by great Professors. At that time of my program, we had ten distinguished Professors, who gave me such a coaching that I cannot recover from in a life time. This experience was really an eye opener.

LBC CREW:  Tell us about your working experience and career experience.

MR. JOSHIA IGHALO: In a professional setting, I worked in Nigeria Bottling Company for six months, while I served as a teacher in Benue State for a year. Immediately after that I resorted to a Master program in Bio-Chemical Engineering. Within this period, I develop my researching skills for article writing and publication in reputably high impact factor journal. NBC. So far, I have published twenty-nine articles in several journals such as Q1, Taylor and Francis, Springer and many more.

LBC CREW: How did you achieve this great task?

MR. JOSHIA IGHALO:  Several ingredients were needed for the achievement of that one passionate goal. The most important among them is CONCENTRATION.  It is one thing to have passion, and another to give it enough attention. The next is to be FOCUS enough, to eliminate possible distractions along your line of passion. Taking a quote from my Secondary School Physics teacher, which says, “When you focus on your focus, you will become the focus others will focus on”. The third one is HARDWORK.

LBC CREW:  So which area have u been publishing on?

MR. JOSHIA IGHALO: I have four research areas. These are environmental engineering, bio fuels, Computer –Based Modelling, Process Modelling and Solid Waste Management. These areas are linked to one another.

LBC CREW: Tell us about the responsibility these kinds of achievement have placed on you?

I devote about eight hours to writing on a daily basis. I spend in some days between ten hours to fifteen hours to write. Any day I spend less than eight hours, it means I devoted some of the time for rest. I have observed that the first eight hours is dominated by strong imaginations, thereafter, motivation come freely with loaded information to sustain the inspiration.

LBC CREW: How do you manage distractions?

MR. JOSHUA IGHALO: The main distraction was lack of funds. I have been pressured several times to take up a full time job. Howbeit, my Supervisor and Co-Authors have been actively involved in the funding of the research. My Head of Department has also been of great assistance.

LBC CREW: How many publications do you have in high impact factor journal?

MR. JOSHUA IGHALO: In Q1 journal, I have published four articles, two on Axena, and six in Taylor and Francis. I have also published seven articles in Springer. My first paper for Taylor and Francis took me about two months to organise my content for publication. I spend more time in the practical aspect of my work. Articulating the content and making the right conclusion take two days to complete.

They important things I must make public as the secret of gaining acceptance in these high impact factor journal, while other spend years without getting any success. One among many is the fact that your work mu be noble and ground-breaking. When you do something that nobody has ever done, it is easier to gain their attention. Your work must be a complete deviation from the norm, and not a proliferation of existing research output. The quality of your interpretation is very vital for you to get approval. You must not lose sense of your grammar; there must be a good command of English and scientific principle around your research of interest. The balance of scientific knowledge and grammatical sense is necessary to pass the proper message on your audience.

LBC CREW: How do you balance your social life with your writing career?

MR. JOSHUA IGHALO:  I don’t have a very active social life. It becomes a problem when you are too involved in work, you forget about others. I take out some time late in the night to respond to important chats, and most especially on Friday to have a hang out. This is to enhance balance with very close family members.

LBC CREW: How much attraction have you been able to get from your publications?

MR. JOSHUA IGHALO:  if has been much; I can’t quantify it? I receive several email from researchers all over the world. Journals also send me articles to review. I have reviewed for 7 different journals within the past one year. I have reviewed for Taylor and Francis, Springer and others. I am in the process of applying for research grant. since I have so many publications that attest to my capacity as a creative researcher. I believe before the end of September i should be resuming somewhere for PhD.

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