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How Many Jobs Are Available in Finance Industry

Finance Industry Jobs

Financial workers are constantly in demand in the Us employment market. Financial positions are growing, especially those involving retirement planning with millennials and baby boomers, as the stock market changes and monthly employment statistics change. Due to the increased emphasis on risk and wealth management, as well as the purchase of real estate, many wealth management positions become available during these times.

There are numerous opportunities to investigate when it comes to finances. You might be interested in learning how many jobs there are in finance. As stated by the U.S. According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, the financial sector will expand by 8% in 2022 and is still running. It can be challenging to decide which of the many finance positions is best for you.Therefore, we’ll examine some of the best finance jobs for 2022 in this article. We’ll also go through the degree and experience requirements for each position and provide you some advice on how to launch a career in finance.

What Are Finance Jobs

Financial jobs are work engagements/services involving the management of money, including the various tasks associated with managing money, protecting it, or many other possibilities. These jobs may also involve working with individual clients, business clients, investors, shareholders, and colleagues, among many other possibilities.

The financial services sector as a whole is quite diverse and offers a wide range of employment options. Different knowledge, interests, and abilities are needed for each finance position. Examples of finance-related job fields include the following:

  • Commercial Banking.
  • Personal banking (or private banking).
  • Investment Banking.
  • Wealth management.
  • Corporate finance.
  • Mortgages / lending.
  • Accounting.
  • Financial Management.
  • Treasury.
  • Audit.
  • Equity research/analysis.
  • Insurance.

US Finance Jobs Statisitcs

The Bureau of Labour Statistics predicts that there will be a large number of employment in finance by 2022. For those wishing to work in finance, the prospect  that 1.4 million new jobs will be created is fantastic. Then what are the top positions in finance? The list is extensive, but these are a few in-demand positions: risk manager, mortgage loan officer, financial analyst, accountant, and auditor. These are merely a few instances, so do your homework and pick the position that is ideal for you.

Maintaining knowledge of the most recent developments and trends in the finance industry is crucial because the industry is always evolvingAlso keep in mind that you’ll be more successful in your career the more you know. According to a recent report by the Bureau of Labour Statistics, employment opportunities in finance are increasing. In 2022, the financial services sector is predicted to develop by 8%, which is faster than the average for all other occupations.

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How does this affect you? There are many positions available in the finance industry, and the industry will only continue to expand. According to the survey, the top positions in finance for the upcoming ten years will be those of a financial analyst, accountant, personal banker, and insurance agent.If you’re interested in a career in finance, now is a perfect time to start since these positions are predicted to experience the greatest growth in the upcoming years.

Top 5 Best Jobs Available in The Finance Industry

From entry-level to senior roles, the financial industry offers a wide range of positions. And each has its own set of qualifications in terms of education, salary, and abilities.Here are the 7 best job in the finance industry;

1. The Chief Financial Officer:

One of the top finance positions in 2022 will be CFO. The Bureau of Labour Statistics projects an 18% increase in job opportunities for CFOs. That is a lot quicker than the typical speed for all jobs.

What does a CFO do, then? They oversee all financial activities for a business, such as forecasting, budgeting, and risk management. They collaborate with senior executives to create plans and strategies that will assist the business achieve its objectives. goals. In terms of abilities, you’ll need to perform under pressure, have good analytical skills, and be able to successfully communicate financial information to non-financial managers.

Average Salary Pay;$417,900

2.Finance Manager:

If you’re seeking employment in the financial sector, you might want to think about working as a finance manager. Your role would be to oversee a company’s or organisation’s financial operations, as the title would imply. Creating financial strategies, predicting future trends, and managing budgets would be your responsibility.

You will require a bachelor’s degree in finance or a closely related subject to work as a financial manager. Additionally, you’ll require proficiency in maths as well as knowledge in accounting and investment analysis. The Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts that from 2022 to 2026, there will be a 10% increase in the number of jobs in this profession. So becoming a financial manager is an excellent choice if you’re seeking a career in finance.

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Average Salary Pay;$124,902

3.Investment Banking Intern/Associate:

Consider working as an Investment Banking Associate if you’re seeking a high-paying position in the financial industry. You will be in charge of assisting investment bankers in closing agreements in this position.

A bachelor’s degree in finance or a closely related discipline and prior financial industry experience are prerequisites for the position of Investment Banking Associate. You also need to be able to plan strategically and have solid maths skills. Additionally, with the correct training and education, this position can launch a successful financial career.

Average Salary Pay;$175k-$225k.

4.Business Analyst:

As a business analyst, one of your duties would be to assess financial performance and offer suggestions for improving it. The minimum requirement is a bachelor’s degree in accounting, business administration, economics, or finance.

But that’s not all. You would also need to be an exceptional analyst with the ability to clearly articulate your findings. Therefore, working as a business analyst can be your best option if you’re seeking a position in finance with lots of possibility for progress.

Average Salary Pay;$90,821.

5.Risk Manager:

As a risk manager, it would be your responsibility to determine and minimise the financial risks that your company faces. This could encompass everything from credit risk to market volatility.

You must be proficient in financial modelling and possess good analytical abilities. You must be able to maintain your composure under pressure because risk management is a high-pressure position.

Average Salary Pay;$121,581.

Skills Required For A Career In Finance

So if you’re fascinated by finance, then. Great! Talented people can find plenty of positions in the burgeoning finance sector. But what qualifications are required to obtain one of these top finance positions?

So, you must first have a solid grasp of financial ideas and principles. Additionally, you require proficiency in maths as well as knowledge in accounting and financial analysis. But that’s only the start. Nowadays, the majority of finance positions need computer proficiency, therefore you must feel at ease using spreadsheet programs and financial modelling tools. Here are some pointers to help you improve your chances of landing a job in the finance sector:

  • Obtain a degree in finance or a closely related subject.
  • To increase your knowledge, take finance courses.
  • Obtain work experience in the financial sector.
  • Work as a financial institution’s intern or volunteer.
  • Become a member of a finance-related professional organisation.
  • Obtain a certification in accounting or finance.
  • Become more computer literate.
  • Make a strong financial resume.
  • Like a pro, get ready for job interviews.
  • Connect with those in the finance sector.
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Tips To Stand Out When Applying For Finance Jobs

Do you desire a career in finance? Great! There are many open positions in the burgeoning finance sector. But how can you differentiate yourself when applying for employment in finance?

Here are five suggestions to make your job application stand out:

Undertake Your Studies

Make sure you are familiar with the finance industry before applying for jobs. Learn about current events and trends, as well as the duties and obligations of various finance positions.

Adjust your cover letter and resume to the position you’re looking for

Don’t just send a CV and cover letter in a generic format. Make sure to emphasise the abilities and expertise that make you ideal for the position.

Get Licensed

Obtain certification in investment analysis or financial planning if you lack any financial experience. This will demonstrate to potential employers that you’re serious about a career in finance and possess the skills needed to be successful.

Establish Connections with Industry Experts

Join finance-related LinkedIn groups, attend industry events, and establish connections with people in the field. This will assist you in networking with future jobs and learning more about the financial industry.

Work as a volunteer or an intern at a financial institution

Look for volunteer or internship positions at a bank, investment company, or other financial institution if you are unable to find employment in the finance industry. You’ll gain practical experience from doing this, which will help you hone your skills.


One of the most significant and in-demand areas of the economy is finance. A career in finance is a great choice if you want to have job security. We hope that this piece has enriched your goal point and set you up for a job and choosing the finance industry jobs as a good career path.