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How Much Do Architects Make?

How Much Do Architects Make?

An architect crafts design for construction projects. They specialize in drawing plans, structuring, and developing buildings from start to completion. They can restore old structures to make them more functional and safe. Architects aim at building and designing long-lasting and aesthetically appealing structures and landscapes.

A career in architecture is very innovative and broad, with opportunities for you. Let’s dive in to learn more about the pay an architect earns , an overview of the job, educational degrees needed, and more.

The Architects Salary

When compared to other professions, it is in the higher range, but this can depend on some critical factors like; Educational qualifications, work experience, job positions, Licensing, Employers, and Location of job. The average architect in the United States earns about $107,945 per annum, although some are within the ranges of $130,826 to $151,388 yearly.

In Nigeria, An architect is paid about N200,000 to N600,000 and more. It is most times dependent on work experience, specialization, and qualifications.

What Type of Jobs Does Architects Do?

Opportunities abound in the field of architecture, and these are some of the major jobs architects does:

  • Interior Design Architect: This includes designing interior spaces like Bedrooms, Museums, showrooms
  • Landscaping Architects: This type of architect designs outdoor spaces like gardens, golf courses, parks
  • Marine Architects: They design boats, ships, submarines
  • Design and Construction Architects: They build commercial, residential, institutional, and religious structures. They are also called Green Architects.

Educational Qualifications for Architects

The general qualification for an entry-level position as an architect is a Bachelor’s degree. However, many architects own master’s degrees and doctorate degrees. The National Architectural Accrediting Board must accredit this degree. A two to three-year internship experience under the supervision of a registered architect is necessary. He or she must pass the Architects Registration Examination to get certified by the National Council of Architectural Board. 

How to Attract Higher Pay as an Architect

For one to earn higher income as an architect, the following steps must be taken into consideration

  • Obtain a license: On having the required academic qualification, An architect is still required to get a license which can only be issued after passing the licensing examination. This gives you an edge over other unlicensed architects making.
  • Field Specialization: Architects specializing in a particular field of architecture like landscaping, designing, structuring earn higher salaries than those who do not have a field of specialization. 
  • Personal development and human relation: Architects need to learn proper communication skills, good client relationships, leadership, and team-building skills, possess a problem-solving attitude.
  • Aim to work at larger architectural firms: Larger firms tend to pay higher than startups.
  • Move to a different city, state, or country: Architects in developed countries earn more than their counterparts in developing or under-developing countries. Urban-based architects are open to higher-paying projects compared to those in rural areas.
  • Put in more hard work and consistency.
  • Be your boss: Architects with experience and passion can decide to set up their private firm. This allows flexibility, proper scheduling, and management of projects. It can also create an opportunity to focus on the more passion-driven project. Being your boss gives you leverage on pricing clients at your rate and creates an enabling environment for tutoring and mentoring upcoming architects.

Tools and Software Used by Architects

Architects use the following tools

  1. Architecture scale rule
  2. Desk lamp
  3. Drafting board
  4. T-Square
  5. French curves
  6. Compass
  7. Lining pens (tracing pens)
  8. Mechanical pencils
  9. Paper trimmer
  10. Tracing paper
  11. Electric eraser
  12. Cutting knife
  13. Adjustable triangle
  14. Drafting chair
  15. Measuring tape

The Software Tools Used by Architects Include:

  1. Rhino 3D
  2. Revit Architecture
  3. Sketch-up
  4. V-Ray
  5. Auto-CAD
  6. Maya
  7. Archi-CAD
  8. Blender 
  9. Fusion 3D
  10. Free-CAD
  11. Libre-CAD
  12. Meshmixer

Conclusion: The paycheck of architects depends on various factors like educational qualifications, work experience, location, size of their workplace, and so on. Generally, obtaining the required educational degree and work experience is the determining factor in earning higher pay as an architect. Architecture is a very lucrative career path. A person interested in venturing into this career must be open-minded, innovative, creative, and willing to work hard to achieve excellence and make profitable earnings.

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