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How Much Money Can You Make in The Stock Market

How Much Money Can You Make in The Stock Market

The Stock market is a reservoir for money, but the question on the minds of everyone is, How Much Can be Made from the Stock Market? The secret to making money through stocks is Long-term investment despite the rise and falls in the market. The question of how much money you can make depends on so many factors like:

  • The investment capital 
  • The kind of stocks bought
  • How much you understand about the financial market

Buy and Hold 

buy-and-hold strategy is one of the common ways to make money in stocks. This is when you have other assets for a long time rather than buying and selling (Trading). Investors of stocks who trade daily, weekly or monthly tend to miss out on opportunities to get huge annual returns. In 2017, the stock market yielded 9.9% of interest annually to an investor who remained on their investment in the last 15years, according to Putnam investment, but the short-term trades lost chances of seeing such huge returns. Staying in and out of the market on the best days yield lower returns. You may try to track and know those days, but they are unpredictable. In the days of volatile performance, the best approach is to stay long-term in the market to seize high profit-yielding opportunities.

Choose Funds Above Individual Stocks

A Stocks is an investment in a single company in a single company, while a Mutual fund holds many assets (i.e., a member of different stocks as a single fund). Mutual funds provide diverse exposure to multiple stocks in investments, and it is putting all your eggs in one basket, which can be risky. Buying Mutual funds requires a sizeable amount of money and knowledge of investment. An individual stock could go for about a hundred dollars. Funds let you purchase multiple choices of personal assets with one share.

Examples of industrial stocks are Apple (AAPL) and Tesla (TSLA). Some professionals do not have a strong record of detecting which companies deliver the best returns. Experts recommend funding investment long-term, e.g., S&P 500 Nasdaq. Funds help you benefit from approximate 10% average annual returns of the stock market.

Reinvest Profits Dividends

Investors are paid a sum of money annually by companies to shareholders out of profits. This is called dividends. The amount of money paid may be negligible at the start of the investment; they show significant growth in the stock market. Investors who invested in S&P 500 from 1921-to 2021 saw an average annual return of 6.7%. After reinvesting the dividend, the percentage rose to about 11%. The increase happened due to the fact that reinvesting helps you buy more shares which helps your earnings compound over time. 

The compounding effect is the reason financial advisers recommend long-term investors reinvest their dividends rather than spend them – most average systems offer the dividend reinvestment program, DRIP.

Choosing the Right Investment Account

Choosing the proper investment account is essential to yield a long-term investment success. Some investment accounts offer the benefit of tax advantages, like tax deductions and tax-free withdrawals. Any choice you make helps you and payment of tax on interest made or the income you get when the money is in the account. Differing taxes helps positive compound returns for decades. Taxable accounts can be a great place to put your investments. It does not allow you to withdraw for any reason. They enable you to take advantage of tax-loss harvesting. This means converting your losing stocks into winners by selling them at a loss and getting a break-even on profits. You can contribute an endless sum of money to a taxable account in a year. There is also an individual retirement account where you are unable to withdraw money until the age range for retirement has been met without paying 10% on penalty and other taxes you owe, some situations like hospital bills that make you use the money invested without a penalty. The general rule is that any money invested into a tax-advantaged retirement account should not be tampered with until a certain age is set for retirement.

Brokerages though not all offer both types of accounts, so analyze your choice and make the right decisions.

In profiting from the stock market, you have to spend all your time searching for which stocks will rise or fall in the short term. Successful investors like Warren Buffet recommend investing in low-cost index funds to hold for the long term. The key to successful investment is patience that mutual funds will yield over the long time rather than rushing over a new stock.

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