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How To Cope With a Sexless Marriage

How To Cope With a Sexless Marriage

Sex is one of the privileges granted by marriage to create a bond and facilitate procreation for a man and a woman, and it is encouraged to be prevalent in marriage. Imagine getting married to the one you love with the intention to explore the physical and sexual excitement, only to understand that if the marriage must work, you must avoid sexual activity. A sexless marriage is a union where the husband and wife abstain from sex for a long time. Is it possible to cope with a sexless marriage? It could be a difficult choice to make, but it’s possible.

Sometimes, people put on a facade impression of their interest in sex. Most people do not love it as they claim, and this could become a problem if two partners have contradicted interests or opinions about their sex life. But why would abstinence from sex be mentioned as a way to protect your marriage when it is known to be one of the ways to keep your marriage blooming.

A relationship coach stated that abstinence could have no ulterior motive and could also be a way for a positive impact. Sometimes, abstinence helps to reveal what makes your partner excited outside sex.

Some Reasons Couples May Choose to Live a Sexless Life 

1. Sickness or Sexually Transmitted Diseases

2. Low Libido or lack of interest.

3. Declined attraction or Love

4. Pregnancy and Childbirth

5. Emotional trauma resulting from rape cases

6. Stress

7. Depression

8. Distance, for couples who live separately

9. Family crisis

10. Sexual dysfunction

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11. Religion

Steps on How to Cope with a Sexless Marriage.

1. Seek Reasons: Sometimes, the reason for sexless marriage is plausible. Not all excuses are flimsy. Couples should try to discuss the reasons for this decision. This discussion should take place privately when both of you are comfortable so there can be an open-minded and free-flow interaction where you can decipher and conclude with a mutual understanding that would help your marriage.

2. Be Open-Minded: Marriage is meant to be a union where two people trust each and are free to communicate without fear or shyness. Sometimes, couples are afraid of expressing themselves to each other. They try to cover up with lies which leads to a more destructive outcome. Feel free to tell your spouse your recent feeling or view about sex, your experiences, and any strange psychological or physiological feeling, so both of you can tackle the problem together.

3. Be ready to Listen: Other times, your spouse may be afraid of communicating with you because you are too harsh or loud. To get more details about the sex life of your partner, you have to be a good listener so you can be a good solution provider.

4. Seek Help Together: Now you know why your partners need a sexless marriage. If it’s a medical or physiological issue, both partners are expected to see it as their battle, not an individual battle, so they can all out together to seek help through research, medically from a doctor or psychologically from a counselor.

5. Try Improvising: Aside from sex, other things create exciting and bonding moments for couples. Going out on a date, being kind and willing to help, spending time, and sending gifts to your spouse. These are measures that help to cope in a sexless marriage while giving room for a revived sex-life

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6. Reinforce your Sexual life slowly: This involves giving room for little romantic acts that might spark up your sex life again. Some of these acts include; Kissing, hugging, cuddling, massaging, a peck before leaving your spouse, love letters, holding hands, and whatever you can think of.

7. Encourage Your Partner: Motivating your partner with encouraging words would help the healing process. Do not throw a hassle or physical abuse at them because of their sexual weakness, and do not tell friends about it. This little secret is just for you and your partner. Instead of criticism, encourage them with your actions.

8. Love: Even the Holy book says that Love covers a multitude of sins. When there is genuine Love in your marriage, it strengthens the lifespan of your marriage beyond sex. Love will induce endurance and will spark your Love again.

Does a Sexless Marriage Justify Cheating?

Cheating is an act that shouldn’t be heard in marriage, so this doesn’t make cheating a right aid for a sexless marriage. If things go worse, the couples should go their separate ways instead of causing more pain to the injury.


Understanding and Love is the perfect key to coping with a sexless marriage.

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