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How to Earn Big as a Medical Technician

Medical Technician Career Opportunities

Welcome to a world where almost every field has received technology and advancement perks. The medical world is not left behind, so we have a career type like medical technology. The average salary for a medical laboratory technician in nigeria is ₦738267

With the reference made to the u.s. bureau of labor statistics (bls), the median national salary for medical technologists is $46,680 annually through 2020.

 How to Become a Medical Technologist?

To become licensed, applicants must pass a licensing exam. To qualify for licensure, an aspiring medical technologist must complete a bachelor’s degree in biology, chemistry, medical technology, or physical science or possess a degree that meets coursework and laboratory requirements. Some states also require certification, and many employers prefer to hire certified workers.

What is Medical Technology?

Medical technology is the adoption of technological methods to militate actions of microorganisms through early diagnosis after clinical manifestation of symptoms. This career requires medical skills.

Medical technology is divided into two categories.

  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment

Diagnosis: this has to do with determining the cause of pathological signs and symptoms through a medical process that has been spiced up with the addition of technology. Diagnosis in medical technology is important because two or more diseases may bear the same symptom. To avoid administration of wrong treatment, diagnosis is carried out to conduct an implicit treatment on the patients. The use of technological devices e.g 

Stethoscope and immunochromatographic strips for antigen detection are not neglected in medical technology.

Treatment: here, the mission is understood through the help of diagnosis, and the goal is to restore good health through medical prescription and other medical therapy.

Who is a medical technologist?

A medical technologist is one who

Prepares test samples using bodily fluids and tissues

Ensures the matching of specimen and test samples

Collects and updates patient data

Evaluate samples, slides and cultures with a microscope

       Is Medical Technology a Good Career for Me?

Before we answer this, a misconception has to be cleared about medical technologists and medical scientists. These two professions involve the same training, job duties and credentials. The only true difference is what job title an employer chooses to use.

The decision to make a career in medical technology is good because people need their services every day. After all, people get sick every day. The job is lucrative and worthy of spending years of study in the university.

The medical tech career is good for you if you 

Have these qualities;

  1. Attention to detail organization and communication 
  2. Analytical thinking
  3. Time management:

How to earn big in the medical tech career

There are two ways to earn big in the medical tech career.

  1. Desire professionalism by earning more qualifications. In this field, the greater your knowledge and offer, the greater your pay. Most medical technologists choose to dwell with their for years without any progress, making them stagnant in the field.
  2. Be easily accessible through the use of digital advancement.
  3. You must point out and fill yourself in areas where the grass is greener.

Clinical laboratory scientist

Average base pay: $60,353 per year

Experts in this field primarily work with biological samples analysis and report the result so that treatment can commence. A skill of accuracy is needed. Technological devices like microscopes and cell counters are inevitable for this practice. 

Medical Records technician

Average base pay: $33,176 per year

Medical records technicians proffer administrative medical activities like recording patients’ health history and current state billing of patients. An added skill of data management is needed here since the use of software applications to update patients’ data is needed. A computer is needed here as a technological device. Medical records technicians must be up-to-date on hipaa laws for the legal transfer of information.

Mri technologist

Average base pay: $63,777 per year

Magnetic imaging(mri) is a technological product that uses strong magnetic fields and radio waves to produce absolute representations of internal body parts such as the bones, brain, heart, blood vessels, spinal cord, womb, liver, lungs, kidney and body glands. Mri technologists have specialized exposure and training in magnetic resonance imaging (mri) devices and equipment. They diagnose medical conditions with the support of physicians. 

Medical appliance technician

Average base pay: $37,437 per year.

They are responsible for designing and fitting prosthetics. They help people who are handicapped with artificial parts that make it easy for them. 

Genetic counselor

Average base pay: $38,216 per year

They collaboratively work with dna and genetics experts. They help patients assess their risk for certain medical conditions. A genetic counsellor provides evidence for cases of real paternity quest for children whose paternity history is questioned. 

Programs to gather and analyze data, like medical software and sequence analyzer programs, are utilized here.

Cardiovascular technician

Average base pay: $44,125 per year

Cardiovascular technicians work majorly on heart-related medical issues. They work closely with a cardiovascular physician in creating a treatment plan for the patient and routinely check their condition. They also work with devices like pacemakers and defibrillators.

  • Conclusion

Medical technology career is a lucrative job but needs extreme carefulness. If not, life could be harmed through false health reports. Medical doctors depends on the report of a medical technologist to commence treatment. If you have a flair for this career, you can make it. It all depends on you.

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