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How to Fix a Marriage without Counseling

How to Fix a Marriage without Counseling

Marriages fail daily, while marriage coaches and counselors are rising greatly daily.

Why would one need a marriage counselor?

Marriage counselors are greatly needed, especially by people whose marriages are not working out. Other times, people need counselors to maintain an established peace in their homes. Some counselors give good counsel, others give bad counsel, hence worsening the situation of the marriage.

For marriages undergoing issues, also trying to fix the mess in their marriage, they wonder if it’s ever possible to fix the marriage without involving a counselor.

Yes, it’s possible.

It is possible to fix a marriage crisis without involving a counselor. It all depends on the couples involved in the marriage.

Why Most People May not Need a Marriage Counselor

There are several reasons why most people may not sign up for the idea of fixing their marriage with the help of a marriage counselor.

1. Insecurity: Most people find this option insecure because it may be a way of washing their dirty linen outside. They feel their problems may be known by the public, which could be more embarrassing.

2. Fear for the other Partner: One partner might be willing to see a marriage counselor but is afraid of how the other partner may feel when called to be cautioned or after realizing their issues left the corners of their roof to the ears of a stranger.

3. Feeling of Perfection: Some folks feel there is no need to get counsel because their actions are right. They believe so much in the rightness of whatever is done by them and regard it as the best option or strategy.

4. Time: Couples who are always busy may never have time to sit for a counseling session because of the nature of their work or any other obstruction they encounter.

 But whatever the reason could be, remember that broken marriages attract more counseling activities. It is also possible to fix your marriage without a marriage counselor.

Procedures on How to Fix A Marriage Without A Counsellor

1.    Think About Your Actions and Reaction: One cause of the crisis in marriage is a result of actions in marital matters. Think and analyze the impact of your actions in your marriage. Does it heal or make things grow worse? Actions and reactions range from how you speak to your partner to what you think about him.

2. Be ready to change: Man has a natural voice that judiciously justifies and condemns his actions. Couples should be open to transforming negative actions to curry their marriage and erase family crises. 

3. Make clarifications with Dialogue: Most couples prefer harboring grudges and nagging to clarifying issues. Clarifications can only be achieved by peaceful dialogue. Here, you discover the “whys and hows” of your partner’s actions and create room for apology and amendment.

4. Replace Apology with Pride: This is one of the major problems that result in broken marriages, especially when it is left as the responsibility of one partner. An apology should be mutual and sincere if you must avoid inviting counseling from outsiders. Most couples consider an apology as an arduous task or a form of weakness towards thier partner.

5. Love your Partner Like you Did: It is evident that whenever love declines, martial crises incline. When you love your partner as you did in the early years of your relationship, your actions will be different because you will have the natural ability to choose tolerance over nagging about everything. Misunderstanding will be minimized to have a peaceful marriage.

6. Attend Marriage Seminars: Marriage seminars are a great way to empower or fix a broken marriage without inviting a private counselor to your home or mentioning your marital problem.

7. Read Books: There are several marriage-related books couples should read to get value. It is so sad that the culture of reading is no longer appreciated or seen as a waste of time, but who knows? The right approach or solution to your marital problem might be sitting pretty for ages on the pages of a book waiting for you to read and implement.

8. Prayer: Prayer is not old-fashioned. God cares about your marriage and is interested in the success of your marital life. Talk to God about your partner and the kind of marriage you desire. He answers prayers and can give you a divine marital fix.

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