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How to Get Out of Debt

How to Get Out of Debt

When someone gets a product service without paying or promises to pay within an agreed period, Debt has been initiated.

Let’s redefine it.

This means owing or a situation that requires one party to pay money to the other party. Individuals, companies, and even the government run into this crisis. Debt or loans could also be a way to invest or acquire valuable properties if managed well, but excess of this could ruin business and even personal lives.

According to an Experian report published in 2019, the Debt of an average American in 2018 was rated at $90,460. This number includes mortgages, credit card balances, auto loans, personal loans, and student loans.

Why Do People Run Into Debt?

The main reason for this is lack of money. Misplaced priorities and pressure to possess what people who have money possess could also lead to debt.

A perfect illustration in Nigeria is when intending couples plan an ostentatious wedding, with so much luxury and flashiness, only to go back home to realize they are in finacial crisis of huge thousands or millions of money. Also, the “asoebi “thing has made some ladies bankrupt. They accept three to five asoebi offers, which may cost about 80,000 naira to gather the accessories needed when some do not earn up to 20,000 monthly.

Spending more than your income can lead to this crisis.

People in business also run into finacial crisis when they lack accurate accountability for their business. Excessive investment and loans could lead to finacial crisis. Thank God there’s always a way out.

Ways to Get out of Debt

Understand your Financial Life

One reason people become debtors is failure to spend according to how they earn. When you spend an amount that competes highly or above your net worth and does not pay, there is an obvious symbol that you will run into a finacial crisis that you might not get out of. Understanding your financial life makes you understand what you should buy, why you should buy, and when you should buy whatever you want to buy. It also gives you a clearer view of the financial state you will be subjected to if you purchase or do not purchase something.

1. Debt Refinancing

This is initiating a new debt with more favorable conditions like low-interest rates, longer payment time, and reduced amount paid 

on installment conditions. This helps to clear the old one. This refinancing approach helps to pay back an auto loan or student loan.

2. Debt Restructuring

Individuals and companies are swimming in suffocating debt re-strategize by restructuring their liability. This demands a negotiation between the debtor and the creditor on improving the payment plan. Negotiations like reducing the interest rate, Debt for equity swap, which involves replacing cash debt 

by exchanging it for investment properties or extending the payment date are considered

This ensures that the creditor receives his money and the debtor pays his money.

3. Debt Snowball

This is a debt-militating strategy for people in more than one Debtor various Debt. Here, debtors pay their Debt in a hierarchy of the least to the highest; when the least is cleared, the minimum amount used to pay off the least is also used to pay off the ones with high charges. This helps to gain stamina to cope with others.

4. Save Money

Saving money could be an arduous task, especially when there are bugs of need surrounding you. Other times, we save money, and we find ourselves tampering with it because a sacrosanct need came up.

It is a smart action to save while you spend. This helps you to have financial fall-back confidence when a financial crisis sets in. Having an untouched saving account that you are committed to and disciplined about is very helpful to curb Debt. So when next you earn money, drop a percentage in the saving box. It helps to ease financial frustration.

5. Invest

Investing in estate properties, profitable business deals, and other valuable properties like gold can push you out of the debt door. When debt issues go abysmala debtor who owns such valuable properties either sells them off or uses them as collateral for their Debt.

6. Know your NEED and WANT

A need is something that you cannot live without. It is needed for your continuity or survival. A want is a desired acquirement that is not needed for your survival. 

A person’s needs should be his priority when spending. When these priorities are misplaced, one could run into a sudden finacial crisis. Acquiring your wants when the money is available is not bad, but it should be done judiciously. Therefore to stay out of finacial crisis, one must spend wisely.


One could sign into debt without any hassle between the creditor and debtor with the methods stated in the article. Understanding debt management is important to avoid psychological depression and absconding.

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