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How to Get Over Eating Disorder

How to Get Over Eating Disorder

The reality is this, you will never lose weight when you lack control on your calorie intake. This may not be palatable news for many. Even if you exercise more, or take lots of slimming tea and pills, you will need to match these activities with a conscious effort to reduce your food intake. There must a determination to regulate the amount of calories consumed on a daily basis. I hope this fundamental fact is settled in your mind at this stage before we continue in this journey.

Reducing your food intake does not necessarily translate to eating like a bird, after all, you still need enough food and balance diet to stay fit and healthy. I know already it’s been a habit for many to eat when they are happy, sad, hungry or even when they are afraid. It may be a daunting task at the beginning; however, your body will adjust to the new habit over time.

Here are seven ideas that will help you regulate your appetite. They are targeted to reducing your cravings for food with high calorie content, and more weight for you. These will help to a certain extent at controlling your cravings. In the first week of stringent adoption, a calorie deficit will be created in your stomach, which will thereafter cause it to adjust accordingly. It will also induce a natural diminishing appetite for more food. The duration of this process will vary with differences in people, but the fact remains that your stomach will shrink with a diminishing appetite for food when you are consistent at taking less food.

1. An intake of one or two tablespoon of virgin coconut oil every day

This will reduce your appetite and make you leaner. It will also speed up the consumption of stored fats that could be very harmful to your body. 

2. Be active throughout the day.

Find something that will positively engage your time throughout the day and stay away from long TV watching hours and movie centers. It will arouse the appetite for food.  

If your work entails sitting for a long time, design some breaks-in and take a walk around the office premise before you resume again.

3. Make it a Habit to Skip Breakfast. 

Does this differ from your existing knowledge about breakfast? Let me shock you more. Studies and experience have shown that the later you prolong your first meal of the day, the less likely you are to eat more throughout the remaining hours of the day. You can however choose to eat when its necessary. Prioritize light meals and be sure protein rich meals are taken. Avoid taking the sugary cerals and white bread. 

4. Take lots of water. 

Taking a lot of water makes you feel full and reduces high cravings for food. It will make you feel full. Sometimes we mistaken thirst for hunger. Sufficient hydration will promote burning of excess calories and weight.

5. Sleep Early, don’t keep late night.

A bad habit that a lot of people engage in is binge eating in the dark . This is actually because they’re awake watching TV and find yourself feeling hungry. If you find that you’re getting hungry at night. You will not struggle against cravings. Follow the tips above and you will reduce the amount that you eat. Once you achieve this feat, your weight loss will go from being an opportunity to a probability and eventually, a reality. Remember, your diet is very important to your success.

6. Use smaller plates.

This is a psychological trick. Smaller plates look fuller with less food. So, your brain automatically assumes you’re eating a lot when you’re not.

7. Make more vegetables a part of your daily meals.

Vegetables like broccoli, spinach, carrots, cauliflower, kale, celery, etc. contain a ton of beneficial properties. Not only are they good for your health but they’re going to also leave you feeling fuller for extended.

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