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How to Make Money on Facebook

Discover practical, but simple ways of how to make money on facebook in this article. Facebook means so different things to people. To some, its an entertainment platform, to others it’s a an application for connectivity, It is also a money making platform to others.

Can one make money with that blue app. YES. It’s possible. Facebook has been a source of self-employment to most people. Making money on Facebook is not something that happens at the snap of a finger. It requires consistency, smartness and work.

A Little History About Facebook

Facebook was founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg  and his friends ; Eduardo SaverinAndrew McCollumDustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes. They were college roommates and fellow Harvard University students, At that time, Facebook was only limited to these geniuses and student of the Havard University, and was later extended to other Colleges and Universities. By September 2006, everyone had access to Facebook . Today, billions of people all over the world has access to Facebook.Facebook makes money principally by displaying ads from advertisers using Facebook and Instagram application. In the year 2020,  $86bn revenue was recovered by Facebook through 98% Adverts, 2% of revenue came mainly from selling Oculus and Portal devices and also payment fees from developers.

Pre-Requisite to Making Money on Facebook

There are some important things you have to do, to clear the way, before you can start making money on Facebook

  1. You need an Android phone or a Laptop
  2. You also need an Internet connection
  3. You need to create a Facebook account
  4. Decide on which particular money-making step you like
  5. Grow your number of friends on Facebook. 

Ways to Make Money on Facebook

  1. Advertisement.

To make money through advertisement from facebook. One must have increasing number of  followers. It is pertinent that you have quality and engaging content which attract followers on facebook. When this is achieved, brands and business owners will require your service of advertising them. You are expected to post their product on your page at an agreed amount your client should pay you. Those who have more followers make more money.

  •  Placing Affiliate Links on Your Facebook Account

Affiliate marketing entails referring people to buy a product and after that is achieved, a percentage is sent to you. To do this, awareness must be created about the existence of such products and facebookis a good place to do this. If you are an influencer anyone who has a large, audience on facebook, all you need to is place the affiliate maketing link to your facebook platform. If any transaction is initiated, some percentage goes to your account for being an affiliate for the business

  • Become a Social Media Manager

Are you a social media savy? If yes, this is a money making skill. The role of a social media manager include posting and managing scheduled content on facebook, You are required to post content, relating with your audience through responding to comment and direct messages and above all, building a great audience. Most companies employ social media managers to manage their digital network with already-made and potential clients.

  • Build Audience for Blogs

This has to do with advertising blogs by placing the blog link and asking your followers to visit the blog, you can make money through this source by being paid when traffic is realized in the blog.

  • Adding Ads to Tour Video

For content creators who post video content often, In-stream ads can help you make money. To avoid boring videos, you just have to add breaks with short ads. Here, your payment depends on your viewers and advertisers.


Most people grow their Facebook page only to sell it out. Organization or individuals who do not want build an audience from scratch get to pay you, who has already built followers. Before making this decision, you raelly have to mull it over twice.


There are some applications and links who pay you whenever you make a referral to their link. An example is Piggyvest. They pay a sum of one thousand naira per referral made by any user.

For example, if you have a facebook page where you are being followed by over 500 people. There are possibilities you can make up to a hundred thousand a naira from atleast 100 referrals. All you have to so is post the link on the page or group.


For the tech acquainted folks who can build applications, Facebook has a way of  making you rich by advertising useful apps on  Facebook. Through this means, people who are interested in your application purchase the application.


If you feel you are good at something people will love to watch ranging from teaching, singing, comedy or any other thing. Publications of these videos would generate income depending on the videos. A percentage amount is paid to you by Facebook.


This is a money making strategy every entrepreneur or business owner should be aware of. It has to do with creating awareness of your product, through text, pictures , short ads and other amazing offers thatwould attract the audience. This would lead to an increase of potential customers who would love to patronize you.


The earlier people understand that Facebook is not just an entertainment app, the better for them. From the comfort of your home, you could be earning a whole lot through Facebook. It only requires commitment and hardwork. So give one option a try.

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