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How to Make Money on Snapchat

How to Make Money on Snapchat

What is Snapchat?

Snapchat is one of the most engaged social media platforms in recent times. Its user base is over 300million active users. Interestingly this media is a multimillion income generator for millions of its users. The thought of making wealth clouds the minds of many but only a little percent are able to achieve this, now here is how people generate cash just from using snapchat.

Ways to make money grow from using snapchat

Snapchat like every other social media platform creates an opportunity to make money online but one needs to understand basic usage of the app. This is broken down into these steps:

  • Create public profile:
  • Open the snapchat appand click on the profile or story button on the top left corner.
  • Click “add to snap map” under “spotlight and snap”.
  • Click the three dots beside the “Add to spotlight” option to enable the “create public profile” option.
  • Click on the “create public profile” option and follow the prompt to get started.
  • This will take you to the “settings” screen, there you will see “my public profile” tap on it then click on “edit” and edit to your specification.

N/B: You can separate your friends from your public followers.

  • Promote other brands and products: Snapchat is an excellent media platform for affiliate marketing and product promotions. Most affiliate platforms pay huge commissions to their affiliates for promoting their productsso one can earn from both commissions and promotions with snapchat.
  • Create geo-filters: Geo-filters are specialized filter features which help you incorporate your trademark or logo to filters in order to create awareness of your products or a business program, you are hosting and also show locations.
  • Sell directly on snapchat: a business owner can do reels or snaps to make a direct advert of a product and service rendered. He or she can make use of emoji, filters, even drawings to make snaps, memes and videos of products to sell to potential client.
  • Snapchat spotlight: this feature operates just like Instagram reels where users make short videos and stand a chance of earning about a million dollars daily.
  • Make your contents viral: viral snap boost chances of earning better, the reason is due to the fact that viral post reaches to a larger number of views and this helps to increase your statistics and growth rate.
  • Decide on a niche for your content: having a niche you focus on targets your content to a particular audience. Example educational contents for students, inspiring and health snaps, food and confectionaries, prank videos and comedy, DIYs. Make good use of tools like canva to create stunning images to excite your audience.
  • Run paid ads and campaigns for businesses:a quick way to generate cash on snapchat is to run paid ads for businesses especially with people with the knowledge of graphic designs, copywriting and social media management. Businesses pay for quality ads and campaigns.
  • Build a larger audience by Networking: incorporate the use of other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to invite and convince friends, social influencers and local celebrities to join the community. Also make use of social media message boards where members share info with one another. Promote other people’s content on snapchat. Show snap-code to let your friends on other social media platforms follow you on snapchat.
  •  Never Miss Hashtags: a primary parameter to excel with snapchat spotlight is to increase the number of views. Hashtags are like pointers that drive the audience to snaps. It connects the right audience to your contents.
  •  Stay consistent: Consistency has to do with creating lots of content which are unique and fresh. Your content has to be original and engaging so not to bore your audience. Mark out your goal either daily, weekly or monthly.Create a content calendar to make the work easier for you. Monitor and track progress, analyze and create strategies to boost conversion and optimization.
  • Do Promos and Coupons: Make promos and coupons with discounts and cash-back to your followers and add the subscription button for access to
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Social media marketing is the new trend which provides countless opportunities and options for wealth generation but this comes with a price of patience, hard work and consistency. In recent times, Snapchat creates an avenue for users to leverage on popular trends to make money. To achieve this achieve this, one needs to create audience engaging contents.

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