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How to Start a Bakery Business at Home

Discover how to start a bakery business from home in this simple, but practical steps. Starting up a baking business could be an arduous task. It’s a hobby to some, a talent to others, and even a skill to generate credible income. A place where baking activities take place is called a bakery. Baking involves a food preparation process where dry heat is needed from a heat source, e.g., an oven to produce comestibles like cake, bread, cookies, and a lot more, you can even concoct from the comfort of your home.

Home Bakery

Baking from home is less expensive and the easiest way to start for newbies passionate about this skill.


  1. Opportunity to explore alternative methods for people who do not have sufficient equipment or recipes.
  2. It allows saving cost, especially on monthly rental fee
  3. A sustainable market is ensured.
  4. It’s an opportunity to have a foundational knowledge of baking.
  5. It creates room for creativity.


Step 1: Research

Research is the first stage for starting up a bakery business. This is the act of knowing more about the business you are signing up for. Being informed about the pros and cons of the business, where to buy your recipes, how to identify quality recipes and how to use them. The research process also connects you with people who do the same work you do. This could be a good opening to learning the appropriate methods of baking.

Step 2: Decide On Your Niche

The business of baking is vast, so to avoid being a jack of all trades, it is advised you decide your specialization. Specializations in the bakery business include

Bread making





Candy and a lot more

Specialization also helps to breed perfection. You can’t be doing everything, lest you get exhausted. It also helps give your target audience the mindset that you are a professional in your field of business.

Step 3: List Out The Equipment You Need to Start Your Bakery Business

You must make a budget for the needed equipment to start a bakery business. You also need a little cash at hand for this. The equipment needed depends on your specialization. But there is core equipment every baker must have to start up. These includes:

a.) An oven 

b.) Measuring scale

c.) A refrigerator

d.) A shelf.

Other equipment includes

1. Mixers

2. Dough proofer

3. Bakeware

4. Wood Top Work Table

5. Proof boxes

6. Racks and baking sheets

7. Sinks

8. Flour Sifters

9. Trays

10. Miscellaneous

You can start with a stovetop for those who cannot buy an oven. Measuring cups for those who can’t afford a scale, a spatula, and a bowl for those who can’t afford a mixer. Over time, stress-free equipment can be purchased; you just need to start from somewhere.

Step 4: Test Run

Now that you have done your research and know your niche, you also know you have your tools, get your apron, and start something. Try many things at this stage. This also empowers your decision for specialization. You experiment with what you have learned in the past or from your research. Do not be afraid to try out things that never existed with your flour, butter, sugar, and other recipes, and allow your family, friends, and neighbors to judge your baking prowess. It’s normal if it doesn’t come out well the first time, but consistency is key. Offer to bake for family members at a reduced cost and advertise your business in the course.

Step 5: Market Your Work

It’s now time to tell people what you do. Social media has made things a lot easier. You will need a social media flier designed to help you create awareness. Snap and post your works on your handles to gain engagement and customers.

You could also go to shops and supermarkets to ask if you could supply your product to them on wholesale conditions. By so doing, people get more conscious of the services you offer, and the business grows gradually.

Step 6: Think of Other Ways

Now that you have obtained visibility and the offer is gradually increasing, you need to invest in getting equipment that makes the work easy and faster for you. 

Anybody passionate about the bakery business doesn’t need to have everything needed. If you have a home, you can’t start something from the comfort of your home and earn enough money to take it bigger. Just take a step today! That’s how to start a bakery business at home.

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