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How to Start a Career in Cyber Security

How to Start a Career in Cyber Security

Have you ever wondered why policemen are stationed at offices, political events, or even at banks? Well, security is the word. They are there for security because important assets are stored in these places.

Do you also know that our electronic systems hold important data that needs security? Hence the need for a career in cybersecurity.

What is Cyber Security?

Cyber security, also known as information technology security or electronic information security, is the practical protection or defence of data, networks, servers, electronic systems like computers and mobile devices from malevolent or mischievous operations. Cyber security is a very lucrative field for young people to find a niche for survival. There are virtual and real schools to earn a cybersecurity education.

Why Is Cyber Security Important?

Safety is a needed commodity in our world. Cyber security helps with digital safety so organizations and, individual users, networks are kept safe. It also helps in data management and recovery. 

Specializations in Cyber security Career

Application Security

This aspect of cybersecurity is centred on protecting software applications from threats. Before a software application is declared accessible, security processes must take place for optimal protection against uncontrolled access to data protected by this application.

Network Security

Home networks like WiFi, IoT networks and other organizational network security is very important because they could be susceptible to attack. This entails securing a computer network from impostors to curb unpermitted usage. Security processes like monitoring tools are leveraged for cases of unauthorized network breaches. Other tools like antivirus, VPN, firewalls are network security strategies.

Cyber Forensics

Forensic has to do with measures for solving crime with evidence. In cyber forensic, digital evidence is needed to prove a criminal act by tracking, analyzing perpetrating cybercrimes. E.g. Crime act in banks where accounts are being hacked to steal money without weapons.

This specialization is yet to fully develop as it is still at its nascent stage.

End User Security

An end-user is someone who boots a computer and expects operational assurance and security. Encryption and password security are needed to help keep up with system updates.

Website Security

Unprotected websites are vulnerable to malware. A website needs a trusted host from a trusted provider to guide against spammers. The use of firewalls, encryption and passwords are important here.

Cloud Security

The cloud has become a safe place to store data in today’s world, and cloud providers proffer security against hacks and malware by automated monitoring techniques.

Steps on How to Start a Career in Cyber Security.

There are three practical steps to start a cyber career business even with no previous experience.

Get a Cyber security Education. Education in cyber security helps gather experiences in this field, which will be initiated in real-life processes when offered a job. Without proper drilling in this, it is impossible to work efficiently. A 4year university degree is helpful to achieve this. This means that cybersecurity can be studied in the university. Some people who had developed this passion in later stages of their life acquire cyber education as a skill.

  1. Get Certified

    There must be evidence that you have undergone training and are qualified to do the job. Aside from what you can, some certifications can boost your chance in this career,

    Here are a few Some of the most popular and sought-after cybersecurity industry certifications include:

    CompTIA Security+

   CISSP — Certified Information Systems Security Professional

   CISM — Certified Information Security Manager

   CISA — Certified Information Systems Auditor

   GIAC — Global Information Assurance Certification

   CEH — Certified Ethical Hacker

3. Affiliate with other cybersecurity organizations

    As a beginner in the field, you need to work with grandmasters in cyber security to grow and volunteer with cyber security organizations. Cybersecurity associations can be excellent venues for learning and networking with professionals in the industry.

Research for better opportunities

Now that you have acquired the knowledge, you are expected to explore job listing websites that need cyber security experts to submit your CV. Freelancing jobs could also be an option.

Schools That Offer Cyber Security as a Course in Nigeria and USA

Nigerian university like

· Air Force Institute Of Technology, Kaduna (AFIT)

· Al-Hikmah University, Illorin (AHU)

· Bayero University (BUK)

· Caleb University, Lagos (CUI)

· Clifford University, Abia.

· Dominion University, Ibadan.

 U.S.A Universities like:

Western Governors University

Norwich University

The George Washington University

Rochester Institute of Technology

Dakota State University

Online Platforms to Learn Cyber Security

· Udemy Huge learning platform

· Future Learn. Wide range of short courses

· Coursera. 

· Open University. 

· CISA. …

· Open Security Training.

Below is the salary chart sample for cyber security expert

Annual Salary per Month

Top Earners$185,500$15,458
75th Percentile$145,500$12,125
25th Percentile$60,000$5,000

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