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How to Start Affiliate Marketing With no Money

The question:”How to start affiliate marketing with no money” is one of the biggest mental puzzle that has dominated discuss in the internet world for a period of time. I understand we are leaving in a world where most persons are looking for results with little or no effort. Probably it’s because of the quest for survival with no baseline or support system anyway. Let me say this: There are inestimable values we must exchange for success in any area of life and business. These are money, time and human resources. We all have at least one of these. If you don’t have money, you will have time, if you don’t have time, definitely you will have money and/or connections (human resources). Life will never leave you without any or all of these valuables.

So the point now is what are you willing to exchange to learn and earn money for my life and family. It is almost impossible to rule out the need for money, no matter how small. You will need a lot of time to learn and develop yourself. You will as well need the right personnel who are willing to mentor you so you don’t have to lose both your time and money exploring in the wrong direction. In this post, an 18 year old lady shares her experience on how she is making six figures income from Affiliate marketing as an undergraduate.

The personality of an Affiliate Marketer

My name Ali Muhammed Amah, a student of University of Maiduguri. I’m 18 years old currently in my 200L. I do affiliate marketing business in combination with my regular academics as a student.

Affiliate marketing simply means when you refer a product to someone who wants to buy, and when the person buys, you get paid for referring the person to get from a particular place, so it’s more like I’m helping people solve their problems and I get paid for doing that.

Yeah, that’s what I do and I’m really cool. You can do it either as a student, Mum, 9am to 5pm hour employee. Anybody can do affiliate marketing, you just need to set up your system, set up your funnel and go ahead with your daily activities, then you make your money. Yeah, the processes can be automated.

Like I said, I can set up my funnel and all that, and then while I go for exams, I come out to realize I’ve made some money from sales. Sometimes, I wake up to receive credit alert from my phone because I’m working with an automated platform. That’s how amazing affiliate marketing can be.

Is Affiliate Marketing Business Worth the Challenges ?

You know people can be very skeptical about anything online, so they find it hard to believe that legit things can go on online and you can make so much money from it, but then, they don’t understand that this is not some sort of scam because we do this in our daily activities because we do this in our daily activities.

Let me give this example.

Let’s say I met you and I like your bag, and I’m like, “Hello, please where did you get your bag?”

And you are like, “You got it from M & M STORE.

And I go to that store to get the bag.

You just affiliated for M & M STORE, but you did not get paid, so we are just bringing that system online from that example, and this is something that can’t even crash because as far as businesses are still business and these are business owners selling their product to buyers, when the person buys, they give you a cut. So one of the challenges is people don’t believe. They feel everything online is scam.

Sometimes, the term to feel like you are a lady, you are too young, you are not supposed to be making this type of money, and they get insecure. I feel anybody can make money, irrespective of age, and the stressful work you do.

Another challenge is people seeing affiliate marketing as a “get rich quick thing”. No. it’s not. It grows the same way every business grow, you need to invest your time, your resources, and then you can get the best out of it. It’s not like MMM or something like that, that you just put your money and come back to see that it’s doubled. No, that’s not how it works. Many people have the misconception that you can quickly get rich online. Actually, you can get very rich through affiliate marketing but it takes time and it takes resources.

Affiliate marketing is not restricted for any platform, so you can affiliate for anybody at anything. It is advised you affiliate for platforms because platforms can pay automated. Like I said earlier, I am an affiliate for a platform it’s expertnaire, so when I make my sales, they are like over 60 products on expertnaire, so I choose anyone I want to promote an I sell, so when I make my sell, I know I’m expecting my money every Friday. They pay their affiliate every Friday, so I’m expecting every Friday. Today is Friday and I was able to get my alert early in the morning. I know that my alert is sure and my payment is sure from a platform. But then, you could always affiliate for individuals. Like when I started, I looked for people who sell courses online and I affiliate for them and when the person pays, I get like 30% or 20% or as much as 50% percent sometimes. If they agree, I go to look for people who wants to register for the course, and when the register, we get through our agreement and my money get transferred to my account, but then, it can be hectic, because some humans can really be cunning at times and then, they won’t even send you your commission, but then if you are working with an automated system, your commission is sure, so that is why I advice you work  with systems, but then, you can meet someone who sells a phone and tell him you could bring someone to buy a phone  but 20% will be given to you out of anybody who buys your phone. That is affiliate marketing. And then, you could always register with plaforms like; Affiliated ng., Expertnaire, Amazon, Clickbank, but Clickbank do not accept Nigerians, It’s advice you just to stick to platforms that accept Nigerians as a Nigeria , there are a whole lot of them.

Affiliate Marketing Funnel: Getting Started

The strategy for this is setting up your profile and automating your system, that is, from research which is very important. Let’s say you are promoting a weight-loss product, you go for your research, knowing that your target audience are fat people. Research helps you to know where you can find such people, and things to know about people who has so much weight. After your research, you go ahead and advertise. When you advertise and bring them into your funnel, you need to build trust, you need to make them know and like you and when that is done you can sell to them

So it’s basically about researching and advertising so that people can know, you also have to give them value and give them a feeling that you really want what is good for you. Do not sound like you are selling. When they know you and trust you, they can now buy from you, so that’s just the simple strategy to selling successfully. As humans, we don’t really like strangers selling to us, we prefer someone we trust. So there’s an opportunity in Expertnaire industry, because as at today, affiliate marketing is worth 12 billion dollar, so anybody from any way,no matter who you are or your age. Your phone and internet connection is enough to make more than enough money you need, so the market is expanding and there’s a whole lot of opportunities in this market, so I advise, if you can lay your hands on affiliate marketing this year, please do, because people are making millions weekly from affiliate marketing and you can do that as a student, as a teenager, a stay at home mum, as nine to five job owner. Nobody is limited, there’s no minimum or maximum amount you can make from this, as far as you are working and following the processes, you are going to see result and then, if you don’t know how to get started, there’s a book I will recommend to you. Affiliate Marketing Mastery. Click the link to get a copy. It’s the best course for everyone that wants start affiliate marketing. It’s a full packaged course of everything you need to know.

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