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Case Study On How a Newbie Makes $10,000 From Virtual Assistant Job

Succeed as a Virtual Assistant

Today, I would like to introduce you to Kayla Sloan, a friend of mine. Kayla works as a full-time virtual assistant (VA), project manager, and blogger from home and makes over $10,000 per month. She is the creator of the $10K virtual assistant program, in which she teaches you exactly how to become a virtual assistant and consistently make $10,000 per month!
Kayla used to work as a credit analyst full-time and make around $2,000 a month. She began working as a virtual assistant as a side job since she was having trouble making ends meet while paying off debt.

In this conversation, she explains how she was able to expand her business from a side gig to a full-time job, where she now works from home and earns five figures each month. She also discusses the greatest online jobs, the most in-demand virtual assistant services, the salary of a virtual office assistant, and how this is a terrific way to earn money on the side or even as a full-time profession.

As a virtual assistant, your duties may include administrative work, data entry, elementary bookkeeping, calendar management, copywriting, graphic design, handling blog posts, managing social media accounts, responding to client emails, managing Facebook groups, arranging travel, providing customer service, taking calls, and more.

Because there are so many different kinds of virtual assistants out there, it just depends on which kind you want to be. This implies that you have the freedom to choose the type of employment you want to accomplish. A bonus is that you can work for yourself.

  Learn More About How to Succeed as a Virtual Assistant.

I first started writing on my blog as a hobby in December 2013. I merely wanted a venue to express my ideas and emotions as I tried to pay off my debt.


Back then, I read a lot of blogs to get ideas and learn more about personal finance. One of the very first blogs I started reading was Making Sense of Cents. I was motivated when Michelle started posting her revenue reports! They helped me realize that I could write from home and make extra money, which was my original plan to help pay off debt. However, I was still unaware of what a virtual assistant was.

After collaborating for a few weeks, I discovered that the articles I was writing were not yet online. I merely inquired as to whether there was anything I should alter because I always want to make my clientele satisfied. At that point, my customer revealed that she had fallen behind because she was so overloaded with other chores. She inquired as to my availability to serve as her virtual assistant so that she could catch up. I agreed because I needed money badly to pay off debt.

Depending on what you enjoy doing and what you are excellent at, the jobs you perform as a virtual assistant can vary greatly. In actuality, there are more than 100 services that a virtual assistant can provide.

I quickly acquired new knowledge, tools, and duties, allowing me to considerably increase my rates. Today, $15 an hour is considered to be on the low end for a beginning virtaul assiatant, and I do not advise new virtual assistants to accept any less. In fact, you ought to start charging more right away if you already possess some fundamental talents.

The earning potential is virtually limitless because you may choose how much or how little you work. Additionally, by increasing your prices with each new client, you’ll eventually be able to work less and make more money.


 Advice for Someone Who Wants to Work as a Virtual Assistant;

You may differentiate yourself from the competition and succeed as a Virtual assistant by having a few talents. They seem simple and easy, and they really are! However, it’s still important to note because not all VAs possess the abilities that will make you stand out.

What You Need to Succeed as a Virtual Assistant:

You must meet your deadlines if you are reliable! Unbelievably many Virtual assistants fail to follow this!

Good Communication: Do not be hesitant to enquire! It is preferable to over communicate than to under communicate.

Integrity: Never, ever use your customer or their information for your own benefit. You will have access to a lot of behind-the-scenes information as a virtual assistant, and this information should never be disclosed.

Effective Time Management : There will be many clients, projects, and deadlines for you to juggle. You must be able to organize your tasks according to importance and utilize your time efficiently.

Problem-solving and resourcefulness : While asking your clients questions is a wonderful idea, try your hardest to also be a problem solver. When I follow up with a question for one of my clients, I strive to give them options. They hire a Virtual assistant because it saves them time, not anything else!

Ability to Add Value: Can you come up with any other ways to save them money, time, etc.? Are there ways they could increase their income?

Following Up : As ridiculous as it may sound, one of the main things I do as a VA is being willing and able to follow up on things to make sure they are fully finished.

A virtual assistant is not a way to get rich quick. Although it requires work, it’s a fantastic method to support yourself.

 What actions must someone perform in order to become a virtual assistant and earn money?

You can start out on your own by promoting your company online using social media, a website, or a blog.

A formal education is not required to work as a virtual assitant. However, you may help your business expand much faster than you could do it on your own by enrolling in a course or hiring a coach who has already “been there.