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How to Take a Student Loan Without Parents

How to take a student loan without parents: USA, Nigeria and UK Consideration

A student loan is formulated to help students who want to pursue a successful career but cannot afford it. The interest rate for these kinds of loans is lower than the other loans and the terms and conditions to repay the loan are more flexible.

The procedures to apply for a loan are different for different institutes and countries. In this article, you are going to get a complete guide on how you can take student loans without the help of your parents. Let’s dive into the article and dissect the procedures.

Student Loan Without Parents in Nigeria:

Nigeria Education Bank Loan Without Parents:

This loan is devised to help students pay their fees and pay their living expenses, study, and other necessities. You do not need to seek your parent’s help for this loan.

An official advertisement is made in the prime national newspaper, where eligible students are asked to apply within the given deadline if they want to avail of the loan. The applicant must be a Nigerian national and must be pursuing education in the approved higher institutes of learning.


You must need to provide the following documents to apply for educational loans.

  • Birth Certificate
  • Academic record, admission letter
  • Information about the course of study and its duration.
  • Identification form, recent passport size photos, and a copy of fee receipt of the institution.
  • Detail of your bank account
  • The name of the banker of your institution
  • 1st Step

After collecting the above-mentioned form, you need to go to any commercial bank. These banks are associated with the Nigerian education bank. They will give you detail to open your bank account and deposit some amount as a processing fee to get a loan.

  • 2nd step:
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The next step is to collect submit your application for a student loan. Go to the dean of your university for student affairs and get a loan application form and fill it out.

Attach all the documents and make that you have made the payments that are required. Submit your application to the dean’s office.

  • 3rdstep:

You will receive a message, email, or any call from the operational unit of the loan board if you did not fill out the form correctly.

The name of successful applicants will be published in the national newspaper. You will also receive a letter to inform you about the amount that has been allocated to help you.

You will receive a student loan identification number and identification card. The allocated amount will proceed to the Nigerian education bank for distribution to your bank.

Student Loan Without Parents In USA

Federal Student Loan Without Parents:

You can get federal student loans without your parent’s help to chase a bright future. Getting a student loan without parents or collateral may seem impossible but this can be possible with federal student loans. Keep reading to know about the procedure and requirements.


Must be a citizen of the US or eligible non-citizen

  • Holds usable social security number
  • Must be enrolled as a regular student in approved institutions
  • Must hold a good academic record in academic history
1st Step:

Before proceeding to the process, you will need to fill out a free form for a federal loan also known as FAFSA. By answering the questions you will determine your dependency information.

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If you are a graduate student, you are considered to be an independent student. But undergraduates can also get a loan without parents if they meet one or more requirements mentioned below.

  • Married or Separated?
  • The least age should be 24 years
  • Are you in foster care?
  • Are you homeless?
  • 2nd step:

After filling out the FAFSA form, attach these documents after filling out the form.

  • Social security card
  • Identity card or driving license issued by the government
  • Recent w-2 form
  • Recent bank statement

3rd step:

           The third step is to accept the loan offer that you want to get, free money in the form of grants or scholarships, or borrow some amount. After you submit the application and get approved, the institute that you mentioned in the FAFSA form will provide you with the information about the FAFSA loan.

Student loan in the UK without parents:

Student Finance England:

Student Finance England is a student service offered by the UK government to the students. You cannot apply without your parents if you are under 25 years. However, there are some conditions and if you meet any one of them you will be counted as an independent student.

  • If you are over 25 years.
  • Your parents have died
  • You have not met your parents for one year
  • Identity Card provided by the government
  • Must of national of UK Verify the provided information
  • Admission proof from the institute
  • Good academic record

You can apply online on their official website to get this loan.

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  • Create a student finance account on their website
  • Complete online application
  • Include your income (working part-time) and prove it
  • Verify the proof of your identity

The application may take more than 6 weeks to get processed.

Final Thoughts:

Hopefully, this article is helpful to you. All the student loans mentioned above can be availed without parents’ assistance. However, getting a student loan without a parent’s help may be challenging.

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