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Is Container and Packaging a Good Career Path? Discover Here

Is container/packaging a good career path


Working in containers/packaging is an excellent career path. This is as a result of the industry’s expanding variety of businesses.

As a result, there is a huge need for skilled workers who want to work in containers and packaging in a variety of capacities.

What Is The Packaging/Containers Industry?

The production, packing, organization, storage, boxing, and shipment of goods are all part of the containers and packaging sector. Usually, you are employed in a warehouse setting.

You can be involved in any of the several phases that go into creating a product, from its conception to loading it onto a truck for delivery to clients or retailers.

In the application layer, containers are an abstraction where code and dependencies are built or packed together. On a single system, several containers may be running. Each container instance runs as a separate process while sharing the OS kernel with other containers. Examples include; Paper, cardboard, millboard, corrugated board, wood, sheet metal, plastics, and glass.

Types of containers:

  1. Dry storage container:

The most typical containers used in the shipping business are those for dry storage. They are made to transport dry products and come in lengths of 20, 40, and 45 feet. These containers cannot regulate temperature, making them unsuitable for transporting refrigerated substances like food or chemicals.

2. Flat rack container:

A flat rack container only has two sides and no top. As a result, big loads can be positioned on the rack from the side or from above. The majority of flat rack containers are 20 or 40 feet in length and are composed of steel for durability and strength. Certain flat rack containers can be collapsed, and others include extra walls that can be fastened to the frame.

3. Open top container:

In essence, this container type is a Dry Storage type, but without a top. Bulky cargo may now be loaded quickly thanks to this. The container has a plastic roof structure that can be fastened to it with ropes and protects against rain and other types of precipitation.

4. Open side container:

One long side of an open side container can open all the way. Wide goods that would be challenging to fit through the end of a tunnel container or dry storage container will benefit from this. The side can be locked to safeguard the contents even though it swings open as if it were two big doors.

5. ISO Tanks:

Tanks are storage receptacles made to accommodate liquids. Since they are used to transport chemicals, they are often made of anti-corrosive materials. Tanks are most frequently used to store liquids, though they can also be used to store dry products like sugar.

Top Container/packaging industries in USA

  1. Alpha Packaging Inc.

 Headquarters:St. Louis, United States

Revenue: $148 million.

Manufacturing plastic bottles and containers for a wide range of consumer packages, from personal care items to household chemicals, is done by Alpha Packaging. The company manufactures its containers largely from PET and HDPE, with other plastics available for particular applications, using injection, stretch, and extrusion blow molding. Its headquarters are in Cleveland.

  1. Berry Global

     Headquarters: United States of America, Indiana

        Revenue:$14 billion 

Berry Global uses injection molding and thermoforming techniques to create a range of round and non-round containers. Volumes vary between 4 oz. and 5-1/2 gal. Industrial containers, tamper-proof containers, hinged containers, portion cups, and high-pressure process containers are among the items in their product line. The business produces a wide range of plastic goods, including drinking straws and agricultural films.

  1. CKS Packaging

 Headquarters:Georgia, USA 

Revenue: $479 million.

With a variety of plastic containers in hundreds of standard sizes, CKS packaging serves the beverage, food, consumer products, automotive, and lawn/garden/pool chemicals markets. Additionally, the business provides customers with unique requirements with custom extrusion blow molding programs. Atlanta serves as the company’s headquarters.

  1. Custom-Pak

Headquarters: United States

Revenue:$276 million.

A bespoke blow molder called Custom-pak produces a wide range of plastic goods, including unique containers. The company specializes in difficult-to-mould applications rather than providing any regular bottle or container line. Tool boxes and sporting items are just a few of the custom blow-molded goods that the company makes.

8 Best Packaging/Container Jobs

  1. Packer

The basic duties of packers include handling the transportation and packing of goods obtained from various vendors. They spend the most of their time at work at warehouses, where their main duties include labeling items and preparing them for delivery. Their duties may also include routinely inspecting the areas used for storage and packaging for the organization’s quality control.

 Annual salary: $30,485

  1. Warehouse Employee

Receiving merchandise, processing that stock, and organizing that stock inside the warehouse are the main duties of warehouse staff. They might also be in charge of a number of additional duties, such as assembling and packaging orders, taking product inventories, filling shipping containers, and transporting items between suppliers, depending on the warehouse.

Annual salary: $31,184

  1. Stocker

 A stocker’s main responsibility is to make sure that all storage facilities are always fully stocked with the right kinds of goods. Grocery stores, shopping centers, warehouses, office buildings, and restaurants are just a few of the places that need stockers. They might also help managers with shipping records and loaders with loading and unloading cargo from shipping boats. Finally, they could help managers keep track of shipping records.

Annual salary: $33,045

  1. Installation Technician

Moving assembly lines forward and carrying out tasks necessary for item unloading, loading, arranging, packaging, and shipping are among the main duties of assembly technicians. A career as an assembly technician may be fulfilling for those who do well in situations where they must work with others.

Annual salary: $35,457

  1. Loader

Loaders are in charge of loading and unloading cargo onto a variety of transportation vehicles, such as trucks, containers, trains, planes, and cargo ships. Additionally, they move things to the designated areas without inflicting any damage to the items in the process. Loaders may be required to operate numerous tools and pieces of equipment as part of their job duties.

Annual salary: $35,719 

  1. Transport Coordinator

The gathering and recording of pertinent cargo information is a responsibility of shipping coordinators. They are in charge of organizing shipping schedules and selecting the appropriate shipping options for the various goods. In order to speed up the shipping procedure, a shipping coordinator may assign more staff to various locations at a warehouse or loading dock.

Annual salary: $39,830

  1. Tester of products

In the packaging industry, product testers’ main responsibility is to assess the caliber of necessary packaging components. Certain factors must be taken into account when preparing particular shipments, such as the need for refrigeration or the need for extra care when handling fragile items. For instance, product testers evaluate adhesives based on how effectively the materials function in various environments. Additionally, they evaluate the boxes, cartons, bottles, and other packaging materials they use to pack products to ensure that they are suitable for transportation, taking into account factors like climate and the components of the product itself.

Annual salary: $43,037

8. A packaging worker

A packaging operator’s primary responsibilities center on emphasizing the materials and instruments used in the packaging process rather than the items being packaged. For instance, a packaging operator may be in charge of inspecting and maintaining the machinery and processes used for processing goods. Barcode scanners, conveyor belts, and forklifts are just a few instances of this equipment and methodology.

Salary on average: $47,932.

Job statistics for  container and packaging services in the USA

The overall employment of manual laborers and equipment movers is expected to rise by 7% between 2020 and 2030, according to predictions published by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. It proceeds at roughly the same rate as the standard for all jobs.

Additionally, the BLS predicts that during the decade, there will be, on average, 941,100 job openings for manual laborers and material movers.


Containers and other packing materials are almost always available, and many various types of enterprises use them. One of the most lucrative industries, for instance, is supply chain management, especially for those in the shipping sector. People who work in the logistics industry will find this to be especially true. It’s because it’s necessary to understand how to control how goods are moved from their point of origin to their point of destination.

As a result, companies in this industry are constantly looking for fresh, competent employees to fill the positions that are now open.