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Marriage Green Card Interview Questions

Marriage Green Card Interview Questions

To live as a legitimate or lawful permanent citizen in the U.S, the resident must possess a green card.

What is a Marriage Green Card?

For married folks, a green card gives you and your spouse the privilege to live together, work, and even school as permanent residents in the United States of America. A green card is renewed in ten years

Other benefits of having a green card include

-Ability to travel into the country and out of the country

-Vast job opportunities

-Ability to participate in political activities

-Eligibility for social security benefits and education assistance.

Marriage Green Card Interview

One of the processes involved in getting a marriage green card is the interview process in the USCIS office(the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services).

This interview aims to ensure the validation or genuineness of this marriage through questions asked separately to both couples. The answers to this question must align with both couples to prove its verismo and not a fraudulent marriage.

Couples living in the United States or outside the United States are given an appointment date and a location to commence their interview. Both couples must appear together on the interview day.

How to Prepare for a Succesful Marriage Green Card Interview

Get your Document Handy: Questions will not only be asked at the interview. Documents will also be requested for supervision, so you have to prepare the document to avoid mistakes and pressured arrangements. Some documents needed for this include:(passports, birth certificates, marriage certificates, court records, and other paper evidence that proves that your marriage is not a fraud work).

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Arrange your Documents: After getting the needed document, you have to arrange them in a file or folder for easy access whenever you ask to present them.

Rehearse With Your Spouse: Try to practice common questions and revalidate the date and happenings of events in your relationship.

Go with Boldness: One of the things being considered is your gait, confidence, and demeanor at the interview venue. Do not let fear of failure grip you to have a successful interview session.

Some Marriage Green Card Interview Questions.

Questions asked during a marriage green card interview are passed, present, and futuristic questions, which are expected to respond with answers that align with both couples.

The questions include:

(Before the Marriage)

Where or how did you get to know each other?

-What attracted you to each other?

-How long did it take to make/get a marriage proposal?

– Who proposed first?

-How long was the engagement process?

-Are your parents aware of the marital relationship?

-When was your parent met for their consent?

-Were you living together before agreeing on marriage?

-When was your first date?

-Which family members of your spouse do you rapport mostly with?

Questions About Your Wedding Day

When was your wedding day?

-Where did the wedding hold?

-Did you have a church wedding?

– What is the name of the clergyman/court magistrate who wedded you?

-How many people were invited to your wedding?

-How many people attended your wedding?

-Were your parents present at your wedding?

-Who were the bridesmaid /groom men?

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-What kind of wedding ring was used?

-Was it a big/small organized wedding?

-What music was played on your wedding day?

-What kind of cake was served on your wedding day?

-Who gave the wedding toast?

-Which family members were present on your wedding day?

-Was there a honeymoon after your wedding?

-Where did you have your honeymoon?

-How long did your honeymoon hold?

Questions about Your Marriage Activities/Practices

-Where do you live currently?

-How Old is your marriage?

-Do you have children?

-Do you have children who do not belong to your present spouse?

-How many children do you have?

-Do you plan on having more children?

-Do you have a previous marriage that ended in divorce?

-Do you live together with your spouse?

-Who takes the financial responsibility for the family?

-Who does the house chores at home?

-How many rooms are there in your house?

-How many cars do you have?

-What’s your bed size

Questions About You and Your Spouse

How Old is your spouse?

-Do you spend time with your spouse?

-Who sleeps first between you and your spouse?

-Does your spouse have any scars or tattoos?.

-Are both of you attending the same church with your spouse?

-What’s your spouse’s hobby?

-What’s your spouse’s favorite food?

-What kind of Car does your spouse drive?


Couples must get prepare before embarking on an interview session. Adequate preparation is needed to have a successful interview. Good luck as you prepare to get your green card.

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