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Meta Initiates Digital Training for Non-Profit Organizations in West Africa

Meta Initiates Digital Training for Non-Profit Organizations in West Africa

Meta digital training in west africa have been launched for 1,500 non-profit employees in Anglophone West Africa, Meta has started its non-profit training program, a digital capacity-building initiative.
The digital capacity-building program, according to a statement from Meta, is intended to support the non-profit and social impact sector throughout West Africa.

Head of Public Policy for Anglophone West Africa, Adaora Ikenze, said, “We know the value of digital skills and Meta is committed to helping non-profits and social enterprises across Nigeria acquire these skills by providing them with information that will increase their overall digital awareness.” Ikenze gave the opening address at the event, which recently took place in Lagos.

“We are pleased to engage with NGOs who use our family of apps for effect, and we are aware of the needs of these NGOs. We are happy to offer the necessary assistance in upskilling them so they can expand and improve the work they conduct within their communities.

We congratulate Meta’s initiatives to empower persons working in the nonprofit sector, stated Maryam Uwais, Special Advisor to President Muhammadu Buhari on Social Investments, in her keynote speech. The Federal Government really appreciates this investment. To improve Nigeria, we must maintain our collaboration with Meta, which has been a partner to the government continually.

Adeyemi Adenike, Chief Executive Officer of the FATE Foundation, emphasized during the talk the necessity for NGOs to find affordable ways to connect with their target audience and share their impact stories, particularly by utilizing the Meta family of apps. To support this, Chidi Koldsweat, the founder and CEO of the Donors for Africa Foundation, said that working with Meta on the Geda Digital Training will assist NGOs gain awareness.

In 2021, Meta conducted a number of interactions with the social impact sector, including training courses for nonprofits and listening sessions. To further solidify its long-standing strategy of connecting with more allies and assisting NGOs that are using Meta’s family of Apps for good, Meta also launched trial sessions of its Meta Non-Profit program with partners in Tanzania, Nigeria, and South Africa.