The Common Diseases That Can Be Treated by Polarity Therapy Program

polarity therapy program

The Common Diseases That Can Be Treated by Polarity Therapy Program Polarity Therapy Program can be considered associated medication for a variety of diseases. These diseases include the following: 1. Cancer: Studies have shown that polarity therapy may help offset some unfavorable effects linked with certain cancer medications. Researchers found out that polarity therapy may … Read more

Polarity Therapy: Best Antidote for Critical Stress Condition

stress management skills

Polarity Therapy: Best Antidote for Critical Stress Condition Polarity Therapy Defined Polarity therapy is a holistic and gentle method of treatment. It is applicable to multiple health problems and also valuable in maintaining health. Here are some of its meanings: Polarity Therapy as a Science Polarity therapy is an extensive health system and is concerned … Read more

A Smile Can Change Everything

smile is everything

A Smile Can Change Everything When we are worrying about something, it usually shows on our face. We often think we are looking and acting normal, but stress and worry usually manifests itself in some way. A Smile is often the last thing we feel like doing, particularly in the darkest of times. Yet, when … Read more

How to Conquer Anger

Conquer Anger

Anytime you conquer anger, you are taking control of your life. We all lose control from time to time, but if anger is getting the best of you each time you are rejected, frightened, or interrupted emotional then there is obviously a problem existing. If you feel, you have a problem controlling your anger you … Read more

How to Improve Your Mood Swing and Be a Happier Person

mood swing

Do you find yourself getting upset with yourself for being bad tempered with an uncontrollable mood swing? Our emotions often create mood swings in us and learning about our hormones and body responses to stress can be useful. However, often it’s not our mood swings but rather its factors within our control that have created … Read more

How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

stop comparing yourself

Almost all of us have this one common destructive daily habit, that is, to compare ourselves to others. We compare houses, jobs, phones, cars, relationships, money, and social position and so on. What this habit does is creates negativity within us and this may also reflect in our behavior. So what should we do? How … Read more

How to Manage Rejection: For Great Dreamers

managing rejection

Welcome to another inspiring interview from Mr. John Amanam: A Sculpture and a Prosthesis Specialist. He explains the circumstances of his life: the rejection, and discouragement and how he overcame the resistance to excel in his Arts. LBC Crew: How do you deal with resistance in the course of pursuing the dream of Art making … Read more

7 Steps to Overcoming Depression

Depression lies behind a considerable proportion of the world’s health care problems. Increasingly, illnesses the medical community categorized as purely “physical” are now found to be linked to depression. They include (as of this writing) diabetes, some forms of cancer, osteoporosis, chronic pain, and even eye diseases. And this does not include depression’s role in … Read more