Nigerian Startup Company "Treepz" Receives Global Startup Awards for Africa - Life Beyond Certificate

Nigerian Startup Company “Treepz” Receives Global Startup Awards for Africa

Nigerian Startup Company “Treepz” Receives Global Startup Awards for Africa

Treepz Inc. is delighted to announce another significant victory for its business in 2022. Treepz won the prize for Africa’s Best Industrial Technology Company for 2022 at the recently held Global Startup Awards (GSA) in Cape Town, South Africa. A victory over more than 7500 competitors from 54 African nations, yet they still won!

The Global Startup Awards moved into Africa in 2021 with the goal of identifying technological innovations that are in line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 55 nations competed in 12 categories, including agro tech, health tech, industrial tech, and women in tech.

“We know that we need to uncover millions of answers if we are going to have any dent in fixing the climate catastrophe, and we know that a lot of those solutions reside here on the African continent,” said Jo Griffiths and Caitlin Nash, co-founders of Loudhailer and GIIG, in a speech at the event. With these proof-points over a few multi-year periods, we think we can accelerate Africa’s growth and position it as the future IT continent.

The social, environmental, or economic impact that winning firms have on the African continent will be funded this year, and Treepz qualified in all three categories. This support will enable Treepz to continue providing a fair contribution to the UN SDGs to make cities more sustainable and resilient. Treepz has successfully prevented 519,792 kg of CO2 emissions from entering the atmosphere over the past three months in Nigeria, Ghana, and Uganda. This is because people are sharing rides in Treepz-powered vehicles rather than driving their own cars.

One of the top startups in shared mobility in Africa, Treepz has established itself with around 10,000 rides being taken every day on its platform.

Treepz has accomplished notable milestones between these years, including completing 1.5 million bookings within 30 months of operations and expanding to Ghana and Uganda with the acquisitions of Stabus and Ugabus in each country, respectively. This is important to note as the company starts their 60-day countdown to 3 wholesome years.

In less than a year in both countries, Treepz has surpassed all competitors to claim the top market share in Ghana and Uganda. While recently sealing out state agreements for its expansion across Africa, Treepz was also one of the select few businesses to gain a government approval for its activities in Lagos.