Healthy Diet Plan for Weight Loss

healthy diet plan

Healthy Diet Plan for Weight Loss Achieving a healthy diet plan for weight loss can be very tiring and stressful to follow. To some, you need to make enormous sacrifice, to others they have to go completely out of their routine. My thought today will demystify all this and present you with an option that … Read more

How to Improve Your Personal Health and Well being

personal health

How to Improve Your Personal Health and Well being The task to improve your personal health is not an impossible one. Even though it is demanding, with a simple and consistent strategy, you can feel healthier, look a better and be on course to improve your total wellbeing. Here is a way to start, with … Read more

How to Find Job Satisfaction

job satisfaction

It may seem surprising, but only 30% of all people find job satisfaction, only 10% find it extremely fulfilling. Even more of a surprise is that of the remaining 70%, all describe their work as less than neutrally fulfilling and 10% of them describe it as a living hell. When we consider how many hours … Read more

How to Make Your Personal Finance Budget

personal finance

When people the word “finance” is mentioned, one’s mind goes into business and corporate matters. However, the bare truth is that finances start at your piggy bank at home to your plastic money in the wallet to your bank account. This is what personal finance is all about. You should be a manager of your … Read more

How Increased Self Confidence Can Help You Get What You Want

self confidence

This might sound like the cheesy-kind of advice your parents might have given you, but it really is true that confidence can get you pretty much whatever you want. That and being yourself. If you want to get a date, succeed in your career or otherwise take any aspect of your life to the next … Read more

Top Tricks to end Procrastination

end procrastination

Procrastination is something that can ruin your day, damage your career and negatively impact on your relationships. The good news is that you can end procrastination. Often, we laugh about procrastination as though it were an amusing habit and sometimes it can be. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t also incredibly destructive. Imagine it’s 4pm … Read more