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How to Develop a Photography Business Plan

Welcome to an inspiring interview with the CEO of Goodlife Media Studio, Nigeria. His experience shows us that you don’t need to grow old before you become proficient at your job. Its begins with a photography business plan, then Self-development and determination follows as strong keys to personal advancement and global visibility in the business.

I am Willie Udosen for Akwa Ibom, Nigeria. I have been a jack of many trades: Architecture, Technical skills in Electrical and Electronics, Music, Sports, etc. I attended Technical College where I acquired skills in Electrical Electronics and received a Federal Craft Trade Test 2, and 3. I furthered my education in the Polytechnics where I acquired certificate in Computer Science. Thereafter proceeded to the University campus to study Architecture.

I discovered that satisfaction is not found in degrees and certificates, but in doing what you love doing. I had all these trainings and skills, yet I still felt empty and a great pull to photography. While others will be enjoying the fun of entertainments in movies, and adverts, my interest was in the display of exceptionally creative skills of video and photography. I would try replicating the designs and film trick displayed on block stars and Nollywood. This made me devote enormous time in replaying movies for the passion I had for the creative details. I could spend all day long developing capacity for multimedia production, graphics, and photography. This attracted a lot of patronage for me.

I didn’t wait to know everything before I started the business of photography. I developed myself on the job. More responsibilities presented new challenges to develop myself more. Sometime we could go on and on doing things free, not recognizing that our passion can be veritable avenues to attract income. There must be a time in your life when you decide to place a premium on the services you offered for free to friends and neighbors.

My advice for younger people is that we must be decisive on what we give our attention to. Turn your free time to period of critical self development. You can reduce your sleeping time, football viewing time and more and give more attention to self development. Prepare yourself for future opportunities. Defer immediate and immature gratification for a more rewarding future. Life can be so rewarding when your skills are on great demand. The value you create will attract the income you desire.

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