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Polarity Therapy: Best Antidote for Critical Stress Condition

Polarity Therapy Defined

Polarity therapy is a holistic and gentle method of treatment. It is applicable to multiple health problems and also valuable in maintaining health. Here are some of its meanings:

Polarity Therapy as a Science

Polarity therapy is an extensive health system and is concerned with energy-based self awareness, diet, bodywork, and exercise. Experts claim that it functions with the human energy field.

In this therapy type, health is viewed as a reflection of the energy field condition and restorative methods are intended to balance the field for health gain.

Polarity Therapy as an Art  

Polarity therapy is unique in its all-inclusive exploration of the distinct dimensions of the human condition. It is aimed at the conduit the full range of mind, spirit, and body.

The primary focus of polarity therapy is to realign the body, spirit, mind, and emotions into dynamic and active health.

Who Developed Polarity Therapy?

This type of therapy is a very comprehensive, with implications for health specialists in multiple therapeutic disciplines. With this, polarity therapy supports strong connections to various healing and holistic health procedures.

How Does it Works?

Experts of polarity therapy claim that diseases are caused by disruptions in the energy flow of the body and the results of trauma and stress. This affirms the fact that the therapy is predicated on the concept that there are three types of energy field in the body – the long-line currents, transverse currents and spiral currents.

The scanning the body for symptoms like muscle spasms, discomfort and muscle pain is conducted by health experts of polarity therapy to identify the sources of energy blockages. After identifying the blockages, they use a variety of methods to clear the paths of energy fields. This includes the spinal realignment and movement training. Yoga, deep-breathing and hydrotherapy are some of the common examples.

Polarity therapy has been long identified by Eastern cultures. It is a practical guide that works on all levels of beings to restore the wholeness and balance of body. It is incontestable that energy medicine is gaining attention in the area of research in contemporary times, thus transforming the way people’s perspective on how they respond to their personal health.

Polarity therapy was introduced by Dr. Randolph Stone. He investigated the role of energy in the healing arts for more than 60 years. One of his major discovery was that the human energy field is affected by movement, touch, diet, sound, relationship, attitudes and other environmental factors. The explored the various sources in his research.

Energy Balancing Body Work

Hands-on bodywork is the center of polarity therapy. In this process, you have to wear comfortable and loose clothing. You also need to lie on a massage table. In most cases, each session involves some levels of physical touch, which may be gentle, light, steady and deep. It is designed to balance the flow, stir energy up, and calm it down.

The aspects of human energy body comprises many specific sessions of protocols. Some of these address the digestive system, nervous system, endocrine system, and lymphatic system. Light touch, harmonic resonance, and deep structural work can assist in spinal balancing.

The mysteries of polarity session protocols are dependent on evolution, and involution, the chakra balancing and the five elements. These protocols are devices that can be used if suitable for your session and system.

The principle of polarity body work is believed to be more complex than others, even when it is aimed at developing the human energies inside the body and balance those energies within. This therapy believes in the presence of positive, negative and neutral energies inside the body of the patient.

The body work therapist has a goal of helping us convert the energies into its neutral condition to guide the positive self-development of the body. Through this, the treatment would not create sufficient and satisfying results. That is why these therapists do emphasize the significance of these regimens before the therapy session.

How it Reduces Stress?

At present, stress and other stress-related illnesses have reached epidemic proportions. Experts have affirmed that stress is the major cause of job disruptions and is a silent killer.

The unique thing about polarity therapy is that is helps people identify where the stress is located in part of the body so one can effective resolve it. This addresses the stress issue before it get out of physical and mental control, by identifying the stress pattern and retuning the body to balance.

Polarity therapy refurbishes the body to its usual therapeutic process. This physically and emotionally balances the body, avoiding stress from manifesting itself physically as disease, injury or condition. Since this therapy can trace the stress holding patterns in the body, experts can easily correct energetic imbalances, removing any physical symptoms of stress and reducing the body’s risk of improving any state of disease.

Polarity specialists claim that this therapy may relieve stress through the following:

  • Sustaining the natural detoxification process of the body by motivating the fluids of the body, including lymph, blood, glandular secretions and other toxic wastes.
  • Reducing muscle fatigue and developing connective tissue elasticity, eliminating tension and boosting muscular response.
  • Rebalancing energy needed for vital organ functioning and bringing back the balance to reflexes
  • Bringing back the central and peripheral nervous systems and stimulating neural activity.

With various benefits of polarity therapy, more and more people desire to undergo this medication. Polarity therapy does not only remove stress and tension in man, it improves the general body condition at all times.

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