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Making and Keeping Friends



Making and keeping Friends That Last A Lifetime during this Fast Paced World!

We cannot do without friends. But we cannot do with the incorrect friends either. We get this world with several relationships thrust upon us. Friendships are God’s way of allowing us to settle on our own those that we remain close with. With friendships, we’ve a choice. We must make the simplest use of it.

There are two sides to the present story. On one hand, some people think they always land with the incorrect people. On the opposite hand, there are those who think they will never make friends. Are any of those your story?

Inside this eBook, you’re getting ready to learn the subsequent exciting information:

Chapter 1: Are you actually Ready for More Friends?
Chapter 2: Where to appear for Friends Suitable to Your Tastes?
Chapter 3: Breaking the Ice with New People – the primary Step to a possible Friendship
Chapter 4: Watering the Sapling of Your Friendship Fern
Chapter 5: Taking Your Friendship to New Levels
Chapter 6: The More, the Merrier
Chapter 7: Being an exponent Yourself
Chapter 8: Making Your Friendship Permanent
Chapter 9: Where Lines are Drawn Even within the Closest of Friendships
Chapter 10: Ensuring that you just Remain a Friend-Maker Forever