The Best Gifts to Share for Long Lasting Relationship

long lasting relationship

Sometimes partners use gifts as gestures to say that they are sorry or to earn forgiveness.  These aren’t gifts at all, but bribes and don’t serve any purpose other than to be a Band Aid wounds that require proper attention to heal. If you desire a long lasting relationship , this may not be a suitable … Read more

The Ultimate Toxic Relationship Therapy

toxic relationship therapy

Not many know the true definition of what a relationship is. Many think of it as an avenue of getting laid while others think of it as a bond between two people who find each other attractive. All these are just but wild guesses. Yes, they make some sense but none of them get even … Read more

How to Manage Employee Peformance

Managing employee

Welcome to the Christmas edition of this post. It’s a season to share and be loved. It is as well a period of stock taking by both employees and employers. We have a special Guest today who will talk about managing employees and getting them rightly motivated to achieve organizational goals, increase profit, and minimize … Read more