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5 Sample Cover Letters That Will Land You 6-7 Figure Job

Sample Cover Letters

Is a cover letter actually required when applying for a job? Is it actually read by anyone?
The answer to both queries is typically a loud yes. You have the chance to introduce yourself and explain
why you are the ideal candidate for the position by creating a strong cover letter that will stand out to
potential employers.
After all, a cover letter resembles a well-crafted sales pitch. If it is written correctly, it will grab the hiring
manager’s attention and increase your chances of moving on to the next round.
Employers also want to know why you would be a good fit and that you understand their business.
Writing a compelling cover letter requires outlining your qualifications in a clear, succinct manner that
leaves the company wanting to learn more.
We’ve compiled some excellent cover letter writing ideas to help you get started in order to ensure that
your cover letter is the best it can be and that the process is as smooth as possible. But first, let’s go
through the fundamentals of a cover letter.

What Exactly Is a Cover Letter?

When you apply for a job, a cover letter is a document that goes with your résumé. Your cover letter
includes precise facts and arguments for your suitability for the job in question. While your resume
provides specific information about your prior career, a cover letter elaborates and shows more of your

Employers use cover letters to screen potential employees and select those who will advance to the
interview stage. A cover letter should be particular to each job because it serves as your introduction to
a possible employer and serves as your first impression.

Be sure to tailor your cover letter to each opportunity (remember, you want to show vested interest),
advises Betsy Andrews, Career Coach for FlexJobs. “Recruiters and hiring managers can recognize a
template from a mile away,” she advises.

How to Write a Cover Letter Format for a Cover Letter

Include your basic contact information, the date the letter was prepared, and the addressee’s contact
information in a business letter format. Whether presenting your letter in person, online, as an
attachment, or in a form, follow this format.

Use black lettering and a basic typeface. Choose a font that complements your resume, such as Arial or
another straightforward resume font.

Consider keeping your letter to three or four paragraphs and one page. Often, little is more. Finish with
a formal phrase like “Sincerely,” “Best wishes,” etc.

For paper documents, print your name and sign it. If you don’t have the technology to sign an online
document, just type your name in the closing field.


Conduct extensive research on the business, the essential qualifications for the position you are applying
for, and the company culture before you start writing your cover letter. Recognize the company’s tone.
A Fortune 100 firm may be more formal, but a startup may be more informal and down to earth.

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Salutation for a Cover Letter

Every good cover letter has clear, simple-to-read formatting. Avoid using the generic “Dear Sir or
Madam” or “To Whom It May Concern,” which suggests that you didn’t make an attempt, and be aware
of who you are speaking to. Instead, conduct research to discover the hiring manager’s name. You ought
to be able to locate the name you’re looking for between the business’ website, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
Textual Content
Your cover letter’s body ought to have a first, middle, and last paragraph. These compelling sentences
must persuade the hiring manager that you are a good fit for the position and deserve to be contacted
for an interview.

Remember that a cover letter should be a quick introduction that highlights your finest skills, reveals a
bit about you personally, and addresses any queries the employer may have regarding the position. The
length of a cover letter shouldn’t exceed one page, or 250–400 words. This sample cover letter can serve
as a road map for you.

“I’m excited about you,” I start.
Tell the reader why you wrote the letter in your introductory paragraph. “Try opening a sentence by
referencing aspects of the job description,” advises Brie Reynolds, a former FlexJobs Career

Development Manager and Career Coach, “if you’re stumped on what to write.” You could say, for
I was happy to see how well my skills and qualifications meet your requirements when I saw that you
were looking for a project manager with at least five years of experience, the ability to perceive both the
large picture and the little details, and these qualities.

Then, in one or two words, explain in detail what makes the job and the firm appealing to you.

“Candidates frequently overlook to consider the main factor in which employers are interested since
they are so focused on expressing their own magnificence. Why do you believe THEY are great? What
about the job and/or company that drew you to apply appealed to you? Do some research so you can
demonstrate to them that you aren’t applying merely for the sake of applying and that you are
genuinely interested in working for them,” advises Andrews.

Let the reader know that you appreciate who they are and the special significance of the available
position. Bonus: Take note of a significant good development that the company recently announced.
You want people to believe that your organization truly understands them.

Dynamically link a highlight of your achievements to these company-related topics to draw the reader in
and keep them reading.

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Sample Job Cover Leters in Detail:

“Here’s why you ought to be thrilled about me.”
Include two to three examples from your past experiences that best demonstrate your abilities and
accomplishments in the relevant fields.

I possess the X, Y, and Z talents that are required by the job description and have effectively used each
of them in my current position. For instance,

Make sure to relate these experiences to your statements in the first succinct paragraph and connect
them to the requirements of the position.

Brief Summary: “Let’s get acquainted.”
You should begin this section by expressing gratitude to the reader for their attention and concern.

Show that you’re looking forward to the procedure’s next steps. “I look forward to further discussing
how my talents can help to the demands of your team,” as an example. Then, list your phone number
and email address as the best ways to reach you.

Don’t forget to write your cover letter in your own words. It doesn’t have to be an uninviting, academic
essay. In actuality, the reverse ought to be true. These are sample cover letters.

A hiring manager will be able to better judge who you are as a person—and what you might be able to
do for their business—by seeing a little piece of your personality in your cover letter.

Sample Cover Letters

These cover letter examples from the FlexJobs Career Coaching team can help you see the
aforementioned phases in action and learn how to create a cover letter. Sample cover letters for a full-
time position iare provided below.

Greetings, Ms. Williams

In this letter, I ask that Carolinas Rehabilitative Cooperative consider me for the position of vice
president of operations. On a personal and professional level, the opportunities and challenges
associated with the position truly spoke to me. I have a great deal of compassion for those who need
comparable services because I needed rehabilitation roughly 15 years ago, and this has fueled my love
for empowering organizations that help people improve their lives.

To be clear, I’m not looking for another “career”; rather, I’m looking for a chance to combine my
enthusiasm for the rehabilitation industry with my extensive operational expertise as a hands-on doer
and my experience managing, developing, and coaching high-performing operational teams. Knowing
the organization’s overarching aims, as well as its values and culture, and fusing those elements into
effective operations procedures, is a recurring theme throughout my encounters, whether they include
well-known companies or unfamiliar ones. Most recently, my work at Gilson’s Farms directly contributed
to a 20% reduction in shipping costs in a single year while generating revenue increase of over 100%
year over year.

supporting my achievements I have a rare blend of expertise in both traditional and digital company
operations. I have achieved compelling growth through operational efficiency while balancing business

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With Carolinas Rehab, I am certain that I would succeed in the position of vice president of operations.
Not just because I am capable of doing the job, but also because I am genuinely inspired and driven by
it, and I can inspire and encourage others as an operations leader.

to flourish while helping others. I want to work exclusively for this organization because of this. If we
could talk more about the position and my credentials, I would be happy to do so. I appreciate your
thoughts and time.

Best regards,

Washington, C.

These are Sample Cover letters for a full-time position in a more conventional industry:

Hello, Mr. Davis
I’m applying enthusiastically for the Senior Manager post in the Commercial Loans Operations at Citizens
Bank. I am confident that I can fulfill this crucial role for you thanks to my extensive, highly complex
operational experience in the banking sector, which includes risk mitigation, change management, data
stewardship, regulatory requirements, and a dedication to providing excellent customer service to all

I have over 15 years of experience in banking and financial services operations in rising management
positions, and I would be proud to make a substantial contribution in this job. Examples of my work
$40 billion in increased client revenue or savings to employers, together with decreased operating

created a brand-new global securities lending product that saw a $19 billion increase in loans in its first
two years by navigating challenging international tax, regulatory, and legal frameworks.
By streamlining procedures, keeping an eye on performance metrics, and fostering relationships that
foster a culture of assurance and continuous improvement, we can enable lean teams to accomplish
their best job.
When it’s required to establish the purpose, spark creative solutions, and make difficult, well-informed
judgments, I am particularly at ease handling difficult tasks and addressing complex challenges.

The following Peter Hawkins quote best captures how I would tackle each day in my position: “Good
management is the art of making issues so compelling and their responses so helpful that everyone
wants to get to work and deal with them,” said Peter Drucker.

I approach difficulties with a great curiosity to increase team participation and build “constructive”
solutions that benefit stakeholders, the business, and the bottom line, whether in change management,
customer happiness, or new product development.

My background reflects the commercial success, customer satisfaction, strategic thinking, and power
with decision-makers that Citizens Bank is looking for. If we can meet to talk about this opportunity,
kindly let me know. I sincerely appreciate your time.

Best regards,

Kaplan, M.

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