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Soft Skills for Excelling in the Oil Industry

Welcome to another inspiring encounter on Life Beyond Certificate Blog. In today’s edition, we are extracting an excerpt from a lengthy inspiring interview with a Chattered Accountant: Mr. Godwin Owonam, who has spent thirty-five years in the Oil and Gas industry. He has worked with several multi-nationals such as Chevron, Total Elf, etc. This is one out of many sessions that will come your way. He shared his experience on the soft skills training he considered vital for his success as an Accountant in the Oil Industry. Enjoy this inspiring experience and he shares with you gems for success.

LBC Crew: Can you please share with us the skills that contributed the most to your Career Success in the Oil and Gas Industry?

Chattered Accountant: Apart from the God factor which is very fundamental to workplaces success, I have discovered that interpersonal skill is unavoidable, if you desire to enjoy career growth and the favor of superiors and subordinates in your workplace. It begins with your physical appearance and mood. If you are happy or sad, your countenance will display it. This has a way of influencing who you attract. Your physical appearance can repel people from you and attract disfavor.

Personally, I have a perspective to life that has helped me so far. I do not allow the circumstances of my life to reflect much on my physical appearance. I take responsibility for both my failures and success. I have always refused to blame other for the circumstances of my life. If I am hated in the office by my boss or colleague, I take responsibility. You may be badly treated in your office, or even receive a query for what you know wasn’t your fault. The right attitude is not to get angry and bitter with the person. This is because your anger will affect your future relationship with your boss or colleague. Learn to separate the issue from the personality. Focus on your personal and career goal in the office.

Another thing I have also observed is the allowing the process of life to follow its normal course. Don’t jump the process; Take things step by step. This analogy is seen when some parents who have money try to push their children to jump classes without allow them to gain the experience associated with the different stage of growth. Every stage of life comes with its unique experience which can never be bought. Allow your kids to gain these experiences associated with their growth because a time will come in their life that no matter how you have, and how highly connected you are, that missing experience will definitely playback and cause a backslide in your children. Our experience in life fortify us for the future frustrations and help us overcome without burning our fingers.

When you are succeeding, don’t make so much noise. There are people who have made it in life more than you do, yet nobody is hearing them blow their trumpet. They are humble and silent achievers. Thank you for reading this article. I believe you have learnt a lot today. Please check back for more post on our interview with Mr. Godwin Owonam.

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