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How to Become a Software Developer

Software development is an emerging career trend that has become one of the most rated industry with high pay check. Our guest today is a young player in this industry, a software developer, and mobile app creator. He shares his experience on the responsibilities and benefit of working and excelling in the industry.

LBC Crew: Please introduce yourself.

Our Guest: My name is Chidera Paul: A software developer at Learn factory Nigeria, currently the Head of Training and Internships. I have a BSc. in Mathematics from Federal University Petroleum Resources (FUPR).

LBC Crew: Tell me more about “Learn factory”.

Mr. Chidera: Learn factory is a tech company in Nigeria with core values of grooming craftsmen/software engineers, introducing coding to children and youths, and out sourcing of software engineers. We also develop software for individual and corporate clients. Currently we are running a 6-month internship which started 2018. In 2018, we had one batch, while in 2019, we had three batches. We have successfully trained more than 70 software developers, who are exceling in their field. 

LBC Crew: How did you identify Software Development as a niche?

Mr. Chidera: After my graduation, I knew there was need to acquire functional skills. I was faced with many options such as trading, tailoring and lots more. At that point I was also looking at industry of the 21st century which centers around ICT. At this point, when I was doing an online search, I stumbled on Learn factory. They were offering a 6-month internship that was in 2018. I applied via Facebook and went to the company the following week I got the opportunity to join the training.

LBC Crew: What impact have you created through becoming a software developer?

Mr. Chidera: The most important thing this opportunity has presented to me is allowing me to develop myself to the level of training and mentoring others.

LBC Crew: How were you absorbed; Was it all about your skills or exposure?

Mr. Chidera: I won’t say it was my skills, because I wasn’t among the best of them. My uniqueness has to do with my readiness to learn. According to my Boss and CEO: Mr. Chibueze Okedi, he chose me because of my willingness to learn.

LBC Crew: What is your area of Concentration?

Mr. Chidera: I began with writing web applications, then diverted to mobile app design. This is because, I realized that mobile users are increasing with individuals giving it more attention than desktop usage.

LBC Crew: How many App have you built so far?

Mr. Chidera: Currently I have led a team to build an App for waste management called GARBLE. We have found out that waste is becoming an issues in the cities. This App helps in linking residence with waste manager for recycling. Other solution this app presents include linking residence for domestic and Industrial cleaning up, facility management, etc.

LBC Crew: How do you rating the software industry?

Mr. Chidera: The software industry is one of the best right now, there are different ways to make money in this industry. Software developers earn 200,000 to 300,000 conventionally, but one can earn more depending on your area of expertise and patronage. One can charge 200,000 to build an App, and even more depending on the kind of app. The only thing you need is your knowledge. You can place the App on Google play store and earn good income. Currently there are 2.3 billion android users in the world.

LBC Crew: What are the Qualification for entry into the industry?

Mr. Chidera: There are no minimum qualifications needed to become a software developer. Even developers who pass through our internship program, never got enlistment because of their previous academic qualification. All you need to attract clients is a prove of your competence and your products showcased in the relevant marketplace both online and offline.

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