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The Myth About Inherited Wealth: Create Your Our Success Path

The Myth About Inherited Wealth: Create Your Our Success Path

Success Path Begins When You Understand that Being Born in a Rich Family is not enough.

This is that road every one of us must create for his or herself. Your parent can sponsor your education, buts can’t create that defining path that reassures you and satisfy and provide that ultimate life sustenance you desire. Sometimes we play down on our trade and skills. Thinking it is not important, nobody will patronize me, I don’t know anybody, my background is not good enough. But life, time and chance has proven to me that life’s antecedent are no bottleneck to those who are determine to succeed. Just as you feel the rich background would have been an advantage to you, it has been a very big disadvantage to many who found themselves in that shoes. Most times we are motivated by lack, not plenty, hunger, not fullness, pain, not pleasure and sometimes death, not life.

Limitations of Becoming Rich by Birth

The rich background many times creates a sense of comfort that make people forget about the need to invent something and create value which is the foundation of greatness and fame. Sometimes I ask myself where the children of our founding fathers like George Bush, Barrack Obama, Michael Faraday, Thomas Edison, Femi Otedola, Aliko Dangote and many others who are dead and even the living legends of our time. Why are their offsprings not as successful and popular as there were/are? Why is it that when the first generation wealthy men are dead, their business start fading, fortunes start crumbling and their wards starts fighting over inherited wealth? It takes an individual to create his own success path.

The rich background also creates an illusion that all is well. The fact that you eat good food, drive inherited cars, travel to any part of the world at will doesn’t validate the needs yearning for attention and problems beckoning on the solutions that lie within you. Our ideas and values are not necessary targeted at us. We are like conduit pipes that resources flow through to others. We can be the source that can get five or ten persons out of the street in terms of employment. Our ideas can create such a long chain that will attract so many people and generate great income making opportunities to countless many. Never allow family wealth blind fold your eyes to the realities of life. As long as there are unemployed people around you, you are not safe, as long as there are drop outs on the streets, you are not safe, as long as there highly educated graduates without patronage of their ideas and skills, the level of aggression, tension and insecurity will never end.

Never feel disadvantage for any reason and more so allow them limit your aspiration and advancement. There are no limits except the ones we validate and create for ourselves. Nobody is more disadvantaged than the other, it is our perspective that make it real.  Take your time and nurture what God has given to you. It may be that ability to cook great meals, it may be the creativity to season SUYA, CHICKEN, GOAT MEAT and even FISH.

Lessons from Wizkid Suya Man

I can imagine a new story I found today on how a SUYA man was flown in a plane to prepare SUYA for a celebrity who has been an ardent customer. It may appear funny, but there is a lesson to learn. If you learn to create value in whoever field you find yourself, whether you are a BSc. Graduate, Akara Seller, Shoe maker, or whatever, your consistency will attract the customers and patronage that matches your commitment. You will progressively attract big patronage with time as you remain dedicated to grow that little idea. The people you are servicing are growing and you can’t tell the position of influence they will reach in the near future. You business and niche changes in status as your customers appreciate in level and value. Your worth will never be left behind in this juicy growth trend. Create you own success path today.

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