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Meet 14 High Paying Employers for Remote Jobs

Meet 14 High Paying Employers for Remote Jobs

The best course of action is to target the top international firms for remote jobs if you want to work from home for a multinational corporation or have the flexibility to travel or work from anywhere in the world.

Some outstanding organizations with remote international jobs, with headquarters outside of the U.S. that employ individuals from all over the world are included in the annual FlexJobs list of 100 best companies with remote work.

Based on analysis of the tens of thousands of jobs in the FlexJobs database, we have compiled a list of the top organizations that use remote workers. From our top 100 list of employers who hired the most remote workers in the previous year, we’ve compiled this list of outstanding multinational businesses.

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The top 14 global businesses for remote work include:


Headquarters in Chatswood, Australia

With search, text, and speech technologies, including voice recognition and social media services, Appen has been offering speech and language technology solutions since 1996. The company serves a global clientele in more than 180 languages and dialects.

2. VIPKid:

 Headquarters: Beijing, China Bilingual Translator Linguist

VIPKid, a provider of English language instruction services, aims to give Chinese youngsters a taste of what it’s like to attend elementary school in the United States. Since the company’s founding in 2013, teachers have worked with students one-on-one from their homes offices all around the world.

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3. Transcom’s:

Corporate Headquarters are in Stockholm, Uppland, Sweden.

Customer experiences are Transcom’s area of expertise. Customer service, sales, technical support, and credit management services are among its offerings. More than 350 multinational brands are served by Transcom in a range of industries, including financial services, media, telecommunications, travel, and retail.

Customer Service Representative in English

Technical Support Specialist

Customer Service Representative Fluent in French and English

4. Cactus Communications:

Headquarters: Mumbai, India

Cactus Communications provides clients in the academic, pharmaceutical, and medical device sectors with solutions, such as writing and editing services. Cactus Communications, which has operations in the United States and Southeast Asia, has handled more than 616,000 documents for customers in more than 160 nations.

Editor for Neurology and Neuroscience

Cardiology Editor

Editor – Animal Sciences

5. Wipro’s:

Corporate Office is in Bangalore, India’s Karnataka state

Wipro is a large international outsourcing, consulting, and IT company that provides remote employment opportunities. It offers clients in more than 175 cities unmatched technologically advanced business solutions. The business has been recognized as one of the “World’s Most Ethical Companies” and has won the “Best Managed IT Services” award.

6. BCD Travel :

Head Office: Utrecht, Netherlands

 Senior Consultant, Marketing Cloud Salesforce Technical Lead MuleSoft Architect

More than 110 countries are served by BCD Travel, a company that provides travel consulting services. Around 12,000 specialists are employed by BCD Travel to assist individual travelers, procurement managers, and executives in achieving their travel and leisure objectives.

7. SAP’s:

 Corporate Headquarters are in Walldorf, Germany

Customer Service Representative International Travel Consultant Corporate Travel Program Administrator

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SAP, a provider of enterprise application software, routinely employs for remote positions abroad. Business intelligence, analytics, sustainability, and innovation are the company’s areas of expertise. SAP solutions are used by about 300,000 customers worldwide to manage earnings and promote sustainable growth.

8. Pearson:

Headquarters: London, England, United Kingdom

Presales Technical Architect Customer Success Customer Engagement Executive Consultant, Payments and Financing

An broad selection of content, tools, products, and services are provided by Pearson, a publicly listed international learning firm, to educators and students of all ages. To develop tools and services that enhance education, the organization collaborates closely with educators, learners, writers, researchers, and other thought leaders.

9. Philips:

Head Office: Amsterdam, North Holland

Netherlands Middle School Science Teacher Occupational Therapist Higher Education Sales Representative

The 1891 founding of the multinational, diversified firm Philips. For international markets, it is a top supplier of acute care, home healthcare, oral healthcare, lighting applications, modern art, watches and jewelry, pictures, and energy-efficient lighting solutions.

Senior Field Marketing Manager Post-Market Risk Team Lead Quality, Regulatory Compliance Audit Program Lead

10. CLASS100:

Headquarters: Beijing, China

Over 100 Chinese schools employ the personalized teaching services provided by CLASS100. Its goal is to assist students, families, and staff who might not otherwise be able to access or purchase ESL services but who are located in underserved or rural areas.


Corporate Office:Paris, Ile-de-France, France.

Sanofi is a pharmaceutical and life science firm with expertise in a variety of medical treatments, including human vaccines, oncology, immunology, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and cardiovascular care.

12. Takeda Pharmaceuticals:

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 Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan Hematology Clinical Sales Specialist Pharmaceutical

 Sales Representative – Vaccines Medical Science Liaison – Hemophilia

One of the leading biopharmaceutical firms in the world, Takeda Pharmaceuticals focuses on a wide spectrum of healthcare-related research and development. Takeda’s research spans a variety of topics, including gastrointestinal, cardiovascular illness, diabetes, and more.

13. NTT Group:

 Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan

Field Marketing Representative – Launch Team Field Support Associate Rare Disease Educator

One of the biggest corporations in the world for information and communications technology is NTT Group. Its goal is to speed up customers’ digital transformation by offering high-quality, value-added services in the fields of artificial intelligence, big data, and the Internet of Things that benefit society (IoT).

Experienced Senior IT Security Manager

 14. Hibu:

 Headquarters: Reading, United Kingdom Architect Security Specialist Advisor

Hibu is a digital marketing and advertising firm with customers in the US, the UK, and Spain. Among other services, the more than 10,000 Hibu personnel have specialties in print and digital directories, social media campaign management, website construction and maintenance, SEO, and print and digital directories.

Account Manager – External Sales

Account Manager Account Executive

Finding an International Remote Job

There are even more fantastic flexible employers on FlexJobs, both abroad and domestically. Use our “Flexible Jobs by Location” page, where you can get a list of nations having flexible job vacancies, to search jobs by a foreign location. Furthermore, you may find employment that allow you to work from wherever you are by browsing our work-from-anywhere job ads.