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What to Do When Dating an Insecure Woman

What to Do When Dating an Insecure Woman

Everyone has their insecurities, and this insecurity is okay if it’s not toxic and uncontrollable.

For some people, their insecurities are not mild and cannot be controlled, and eventually negatively affects their everyday life.

Dating an insecure woman is the same thing as walking on eggshells. It is going to break at some point.

Some women are confident while others aren’t, primarily because of the traumatic effects of their past relationships and even childhood.

Insecure women come into your relationship with a lot of emotional trauma and are most likely going to wreck the relationship.

Most insecurities in women usually manifest in trust issues, rebellion, stubbornness, and excessive drama.

They are five Major Signs of Insecurity in women.

1. Jealousy:

Jealousy in mild doses is suitable for any relationship, but when you’re with an insecure woman, the word takes a rather ugly meaning. You won’t be able to talk to attractive women or any members of the opposite sex because this belittles her role in your life.

2. Emotional Blackmail:

A woman’s insecurity makes her feel bad about herself, so she tries to run you down at the slightest opportunity. This is messed up, but insecure people can’t help but bring down and bully others. So you have to be some form of worthless to be on her level. Her low self-esteem makes her try to manipulate and emotionally blackmail you into literally worshipping her.

3. Always Clingy: 

Insecurities and low self-esteem points straight to a clingy and needy girlfriend which is a red flag . You just started dating but sheʼs already planning your wedding and has already picked your kidʼs names. Everything she says and does is for ‘ʼusʼʼ, the ‘ʼweʼʼ has replaced the ‘ʼIʼʼ and ‘ʼ meʼʼ in your relationship. She plans her day around your schedule, she adopts all your hobbies, your friends become her friends, and thereʼs is no life outside of you. This can be intense and overwhelming if youʼre still at the beginning of your relationship.

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4: Blaming Others

An insecure woman blames everyone but herself. She can’t accept her flaws even if she does accept them, and she blames it on someone in her past life or childhood. She is unwilling to stop blaming and takes pleasure in pointing out your flaws and being that she is never ready to learn from her mistakes. Everyone else gets blamed for her failures. This isn’t something anyone can cope with.

5. Control Freak:

Insecure women feel threatened, but anything you do does not involve her being the center. She wants to know where and who you’re with at all times. This is good but can be discomforting when she keeps making you feel like you’re doing something suspicious when you’re not. She freaks out when you do anything with her, and her insecurities make her go through your phone, read your texts and run checks on your whereabouts.

The sad thing is there won’t be any room for personal growth in your relationship.

6. Overreacting and Neediness:

Insecure people overreact at the slightest provocation. She holds grudges against anyone. She never forgives and will always remind you of your mistakes to get a lofty supply of begging and flattery. She lives for fights, disagreements, and blowouts.

Neediness is also a sign of insecurity as insecure people rely on their partners for everything. An insecure woman Longs for approval and validation and will always get it at all costs. When there is a short supply of compliments, she makes everyone around her terrible. She is always out to drain you mentally and emotionally until you’re left with nothing else to offer.

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Before completely getting yourself involved in a relationship with someone with insecurities and esteem issues, you should to be sure that you’re willing and ready to deal with the intricacies and complications of such a relationship.

If you’re not sure you can handle the insecurities, it’s best to break things off immediately. You do not need the stress of biting more than you can chew. 

They are 3 essential things you need to do if you’re going to date an insecure woman.

1. Compliments:

Compliments always boost self-esteem and self-confidence. Constantly compliment your partner on their clothes, hair, smile, features, personality, and attitude. Compliments should be meaningful, and you want to be sure that you aren’t giving the same praise repeatedly. These compliments must be genuine.

2. Boundaries:

If your partner is insecure, then they’ll have some boundaries. Most personally disturbing things will be off-limits for now. Whatever the edge may be, learn to respect it.

This will allow them to warm up to you and become comfortable in their own time. It would be best to respect the pace at which they arrive there. If not, You’d be overbearing and put them off if you push too hard.

3. Be a Good Listener and always tell her how much you love her:

In every relationship, validation is key to helping someone with esteem issues, especially if it is coming from someone they love.

 Constantly reminding your partner that you love them will go a long way, especially if you always add that irrespective of their various insecurities and any other personal thing they may be sensitive about, you love them and would choose them above everyone else in your life.

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Being a good listener will allow you to understand your partner’s problems and lessen the severity of their insecurity.

In the end, you should try to help them see or connect with why they feel insecure. No one is born insecure. Insecurity is a learned behaviour and reaction.

Helping a person, supporting a person as they try to confront whatever instilled that sense of insecurity is possibly the most challenging journey a person can make.

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